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Here are some great client results

“I am invited to every management meeting now, and am really getting attention, because I’m the only one who has management look at other ideas or options, and they value my feedback when I think something is a bad idea or poor investment or that it won’t work! THIS is going to make me CEO someday! There have even been talks about speciality leadership roles for me now.”
-Jennifer C., Director of IT, Software Company
“After working with James, I got an awesome raise and a promotion, love my new job, I look awesome in front of the owners and my clients. I assert myself and create healthy boundaries and thus healthy relationships at work.”
-Claris M., Operations Manager, Major Healthcare Provider
“Working with [James] really opened my eyes to the things that limit us in life...and keep us stuck like I was. He talks a lot about goal blocks...exposing these is half the battle, and then eliminating them with him created radical shifts in my thinking, my behaviours, and my life!”
-Darrin J., Senior Sales Manager, Financial Investment Company
Working with James has changed my friendships, my relationships at work with colleagues and especially my boss! And wow, do I get more done now at work! In fact, my boss (the CEO) is noticing and we are talking about a VP position for me!”
-Kathryn R., CRM SAAS Software firm
I feel like I can actually be myself, and be real with people (even calling people out compassionately without being a bitch), which has gotten me well-liked and quite influential, and contract extensions during times of layoffs!”
-Rebecca R., Operations Director, International Consulting Firm
I realized I can do and be anything I want -and great people will like that - and there will be people who don’t like it - and who cares! The good news is, I’m attracting EXACTLY the people and opportunities I want in my life now!!! It’s so easy!!!”
-Sarah H., Client Service Director, Multinational Architecture Firm
Since working with James, I am a super-charged version of myself! I can speak and communicate effectively with ease! And now, I’m on the fast track to an executive position, because people have noticed!”
-Melissa G, Client Relations Manager, International Payroll Provider
The far-reaching effects of my breakthrough with James are still resonating in my, I can honestly express myself and be completely present without hanging on to past experiences...the most significant impact I've experienced thus far is how I feel about myself and that I now ask for what I want –and just go for I feel in control and responsible for the positive changes I have made in my career and even my life.”
-Magdalena M., Business Coach
I had no idea how looking at life and people would change my world. I no longer get mad at people in certain situations, I am far more understanding and patient, which helps me both in the business world, and my personal relationships. Even things that used to really upset me from the past, I can look back on from a neutral point of view now!” These things no longer stop me from being really successful! James helped me feel powerful, take action and get a move on with my life and my career.
-Lisa D., Business Mastermind Group Leader and Business Mentor & Consultant
With James’ training on how to listen to and hear people, how to speak up, and how to communicate so people actually see/hear/feel/make sense of what I’m saying, my sales, and great customers, have skyrocketed! It’s so much easier to connect with people now and for them to see my value!”
-Elissa T., Territory Manager,International Brand