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Unlock the Art of Impactful Communication and Transform Lives

● Expert-Led Learning Experience● Comprehensive Skill Development● Personalized Feedback and Interactive Learning● Professional Networking and Career Advancement

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Turn Your Vision into Reality - Master the Art of Inspirational Speaking with James R. Elliot

Unlock Your Potential to Captivate and Transform Audiences

Are you passionate about inspiring others and making a tangible impact in their lives? Do you envision yourself on stage, captivating audiences with your stories, insights, and energy? If that's the call you feel, James R. Elliot's Motivational Speaker Training is your bridge to turning those visions into reality. Join us, Your voice can move millions!


Empower Your Speaking and Leadership with Expert Insights and Personalized Training

Expert-Led Learning Experience

Participants gain access to James R. Elliot's wealth of knowledge and experience. With over 20 years as a mentor, speaker, author, and trainer, James brings invaluable insights into the art of motivational speaking, ensuring learners receive guidance that's both inspiring and deeply rooted in real-world success.

Critical Thinking

Comprehensive Skill Development

The course is designed to cover all aspects of motivational speaking, from crafting compelling narratives and strategic communication to leadership and overcoming personal barriers. This holistic approach ensures that participants are well-equipped to engage and influence their audience effectively.

Interactive and Personalized Training

With an emphasis on small-class interactive sessions and 1-on-1 integration calls, the training provides a personalized learning experience. This allows for direct feedback and tailored advice, helping participants refine their speaking skills and build confidence on stage.

Professional and Personal Growth

Beyond learning how to captivate and motivate an audience, the training offers tools and strategies for personal development. Participants will enhance their communication, leadership, and strategic decision-making skills, leading to improved performance in professional settings and personal life.


With over two decades of expertise in empowering voices just like yours, James R. Elliot has crafted a Motivational Speaker Training program that's more than just a course,it's a transformational journey. Designed for aspiring speakers, coaches, and anyone eager to leave a mark on their audience, this program is your step into the world of influential speaking.

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Meet Your Mentor: James R. Elliot

Master the Art of Influence with a Renowned Motivational Speaker Trainer Boasting 24 Years of Expertise!

Hey Everyone! Happy to meet you - I'm James! I will be your trainer through the whole process. Very excited to get started with you and get to know you and your goals and get you on the journey you've been waiting for.

James R. Elliot


In the world of motivational speaking, few names resonate as powerfully as James R. Elliot. As the driving force behind Unleash Your Power, James has dedicated over two decades to empowering individuals and professionals, helping them achieve unparalleled success in their careers and personal lives. But what sets James apart is not just his experience; it's his profound ability to transform lives through the art of motivational speaking.

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    James's journey is one of passion, insight, and the relentless pursuit of empowering others. With a background that spans mentoring, speaking, authoring, and training, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the world of motivational speaking. His approach is deeply personal, rooted in his own experiences of growth and professional expertise. This has enabled him to help countless individuals become effective leaders, communicators, and, most importantly, empowered speakers.

    What makes James an exceptional mentor in motivational speaking? It's his dynamic approach to teaching. He doesn't just focus on the mechanics of speaking but delves deep into the art of crafting compelling narratives, strategic communication, and leadership. His programs are intensive, covering everything from overcoming personal barriers to enhancing personal influence. This comprehensive approach ensures that his trainees are not just heard but remembered and revered.

    James's training goes beyond traditional speaking skills. He emphasizes the importance of personal development, strategic decision-making, and the power of persuasive communication. His sessions are interactive, offering personalized feedback and 1-on-1 integration calls that help refine your speaking skills and boost your confidence. It's this personalized attention that has helped many of his trainees go from aspiring speakers to influential motivators.

    Joining James's Motivational Speaker Training means more than just learning how to speak effectively. It's about becoming part of a community that values growth, support, and the power of positive influence. It's an opportunity to network, share wisdom, and learn from a mentor who believes in the transformative power of speaking.

    As we live in a world that's constantly searching for inspiration and leadership, the need for motivational speakers who can genuinely connect and make a tangible impact has never been greater. James R. Elliot stands at the forefront of this movement, embodying the essence of motivational speaking and offering a pathway for others to follow.

    In James, you find more than a trainer; you discover a mentor who is deeply invested in your success. His training is not just about becoming a motivational speaker—it's about unleashing your power to inspire, influence, and ignite change. With James R. Elliot as your guide, the journey to mastering motivational speaking is not just a possibility—it's a promise.

    Venture on this transformative journey with James and discover the true potential of your voice. The world is waiting to hear what you have to say.

  • Key Qualifications: ABNLP, ABH, TLTA, BAS, ABNLP-C, CAPS, GSF

  • Upcoming Work: James is excited about his third book, "Unstoppable Influence" aiming to inspire even greater change.


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Gain insights from a globally acclaimed best-selling author, speaker, and trainer, bringing decades of expertise to enrich your journey!


Unlock Your Speaking Potential: Join James R. Elliot's Motivational Speaker Training for Unparalleled Growth and Success!

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Why James?

● Expert Guidance: Learn from James R. Elliot, a seasoned motivational speaker who has inspired thousands with his dynamic approach to speaking and coaching. His methods are not just theoretical, they're born out of years of real-world experience and success.● Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive deep into the mechanics of compelling storytelling, persuasive communication, and powerful delivery. Our curriculum covers everything from crafting your unique message to mastering stage presence and engaging diverse audiences.● Personalized Feedback: With small class sizes and interactive sessions, you'll receive personalized feedback that hones your speaking skills and boosts your confidence.● Community and Support: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals on the same journey. Benefit from ongoing support, networking opportunities, and shared wisdom as you grow.● Career Advancement: Whether you aim to become a full-time motivational speaker, enhance your coaching practice, or simply elevate your communication in your professional life, this training provides the tools and knowledge to achieve your goals.

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Top Advantages of Training with James R. Elliot

● Dynamic Curriculum: Dive into a curriculum that covers every facet of motivational speaking. Learn to craft compelling narratives, enhance your persuasive communication, and captivate any audience with confidence.
● Personalized Feedback: Benefit from small class sizes and interactive sessions, ensuring personalized feedback that sharpens your speaking skills and boosts your stage presence.
● Professional Networking: Gain access to a community of aspiring and established speakers. Expand your network, share insights, and open doors to new opportunities for growth and collaboration.
● Career Enhancement: Equip yourself with the skills for significant professional and personal development. Whether aiming for the motivational speaking circuit or enhancing your communicative leadership, this course propels you forward.

Transform Your Passion into Your Profession
Motivational speaking is not just about talking. it's about connecting, influencing, and inspiring action. It's about sharing your journey, your insights, and your energy in a way that resonates with people on a profound level. With James R. Elliot's Motivational Speaker Training, you're not just learning to speak! you're learning to transform lives.

A few of Our Amazing Clients

Gabriel Says It Was An Incredible Experience And That Everyone Needs This To Take Their Life To A Whole New Level

Matteo Says "It Really Helped With More Effective Communication, Productivity, Fulfillment, and Meaning In My Life."

Ron Says "James courses provide exceptional value with personalized support, ensuring you fully understand and can practically apply the material in your life."

Michelle Says "James' course really helped me, and my customers, get the results that we wanted."

Cristina Says "This Course Was The Best Decision I Ever Made!"

Manny Said This Dramatically Increased His Business, Leadership, And Coach Abilities

Patrick Loved The Course - "It Was A Great Community Environment And James Managed Each Student At The Level They Were At

Carolyn Says It Transformed Her Both Personally And Professionally

Margherita Says It Was The Missing Piece To The Puzzle Of Life And Business And Was a Friendly, Fun, Down-To-Earth Environment.

Marisa says she highly recommends the course and it is "Chock Full Of Amazing!" James is so flexible and can easily flow, adjust and adapt to the students' needs.

Kerri Says James Helped Her Communicate More, Take Action, And Understand What Was Holding Her Back

Matt says the course completely changed his life and work!

Evelyn Says: "I Discovered And Broke Through The Barriers Holding Me Back With Wealth"

Carmelina Says It Was A Phenomenal Experience And She Let Go Of The Past

Donald Said It Helped Him Focus, Take Control, Take Action and Win In His Life!

Laura Says She Got A Massive Promotion At Work Because Of The Course!

Jennifer Says She Broke Through Her Barriers, It Changed Her Life, Her Business And Her Relationships!

Jonathan Says It Really Helped With Awareness Of His Blocks, Depression, Anxiety And Increased His Confidence!

Chester Says This Course Changed My Life And How It Empowered Him Help Others!

Nina Says This Was A Turning Point In Her Life! She Moved Past The Things That Were Holding Her Back In Her Job, Her Relationships And Personally!

Brett Says The Course Will Help You Push Your Life To The Limits, Move Past Your Roadblocks And Go All The Way!

Milad says that things changed for him in a very short period of time!

Shawn says, " I got so much out of it for me personally and broke through analyzing things somuch"!

Katiana says, " James really went beyond my expectations andtransformed my life"!

Quynh talks about how much she loves the care James has for his students!

Adam says that James is very supportive and follows through on exactly what he says he's going to do. Adam says that things started to change dramatically in terms of his mindset

Shurla says, " I learned a lot during the course and got a toolbox full of tools and techniques that I can use in my coaching business"!

Steven Chavez Says "The course kept participants engaged and energized, making it a unique and enjoyable experience."

Your voice has the power to change lives. Let's unlock that potential together.

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