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11 Weeks To Mastery: The Proven Route To Your 6 & 7-Figure Life Coaching Business

● Become internationally accredited & certified ● Get THE BEST tools and strategies to really help others● Make great money, doing great work you love● Get my fool-proof system to ensure your success

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Break through doubts, shatter barriers & help others too.

Imagine living your purpose, being totally fulfilled.

Make more money, be more effective, and have more free time!

Get the mentorship & support to ensure your success!

Some of Our Amazing Clients

Gabriel Says It Was An Incredible Experience And That Everyone Needs This To Take Their Life To A Whole New Level

Matteo Says "It Really Helped With More Effective Communication, Productivity, Fulfillment And Meaning In My Life."

Michelle Says "James' course really helped me, and my customers, get the results that we wanted."

Cristina Says "This Course Was The Best Decision I Ever Made!"

Manny Said This Dramatically Increased His Business, Leadership, And Coach Abilities

Patrick Loved The Course - "It Was A Great Community Environment And James Managed Each Student At The Level They Were At

Carolyn Says It Transformed Her Both Personally And Professionally

Margherita Says It Was The Missing Piece To The Puzzle Of Life And Business And Was a Friendly, Fun, Down-To-Earth Environment.

Marisa says she highly recommends the course and it is "Chock Full Of Amazing!" James is so flexible and can easily flow, adjust and adapt to the students' needs.

Kerri Says James Helped Her Communicate More, Take Action, And Understand What Was Holding Her Back

Matt says the course completely changed his life and work!

Evelyn Says: "I Discovered And Broke Through The Barriers Holding Me Back With Wealth"

Carmelina Says It Was A Phenomenal Experience And She Let Go Of The Past

Donald Said It Helped Him Focus, Take Control, Take Action and Win In His Life!

Laura Says She Got A Massive Promotion At Work Because Of The Course!

Jennifer Says She Broke Through Her Barriers, It Changed Her Life, Her Business And Her Relationships!

Jonathan Says It Really Helped With Awareness Of His Blocks, Depression, Anxiety And Increased His Confidence!

Chester Says This Course Changed My Life And How It Empowered Him Help Others!

Nina Says This Was A Turning Point In Her Life! She Moved Past The Things That Were Holding Her Back In Her Job, Her Relationships And Personally!

Brett Says The Course Will Help You Push Your Life To The Limits, Move Past Your Roadblocks And Go All The Way!

Milad says that things changed for him in a very short period of time!

Shawn says, " I got
so much out of it for me personally and broke through analyzing things so

Katiana says, " James really went beyond my
expectations and
transformed my life"!

Quynh talks about how much she loves the care James has for his students!

Adam says that James is very supportive and follows through on exactly what he
says he's going to do. Adam says that things started to change dramatically in terms of his mindset

Shurla says, " I learned a lot during the course and got a toolbox full of tools and
techniques that I can use in my coaching

Steven Chavez Says "The course kept participants engaged and energized, making it a unique and enjoyable experience."

What Makes James Different

● I’m a best-selling author and professional speaker as well! ● I love to learn and continuously strive to learn.● Smaller, highly interactive groups, with a lot of 1-1 feedback and mentoring and supervision from me.● The network you will develop, friends for life, colleagues to mentor/coach you as well.● Learn Body language reading, and how to exude powerful and confident body language● Specializing in cultivating your resourcefulness and resilience, I'm dedicated to your success with unwavering accountability and essential tools.

What Else Makes James Different

● Time Line Therapy, coupled with my exclusive Power Process, addresses anxiety, fear, self-doubt, worries, limiting beliefs, 'negative' behaviors, and concern about others' opinions.● Monthly FREE sessions: Group meet-ups 1x-2x a month for Q&A, practice, learning, and feedback on challenges.● I wholeheartedly aim to create a significant influence in your life, relationships, and work. Graduates are eligible for the year-long weekly mastermind and support group.

Become a Life Coach and Make a Real Difference in the World

To become a successful life coach, developing the necessary skills and knowledge is essential. Lucky for you, James Elliot has over 20 years of experience as a certified professional trainer, international speaker, and best-selling author.
He's the perfect person to guide you on your journey to success as a life coach. With his expertise, you'll learn invaluable life coaching skills and gain the confidence and tools needed to thrive in your career.

Limited Spots For Our Next Course

Enroll Now: Dec 1, 2023


Learn From A Bestselling Author & Life Coach Certification Trainer With 20 Years of Experience!

Transform Lives and Build Your Career with James Elliot's Life Coach Certification

Transform lives and build your coaching career. This comprehensive training meets the highest standard of life coach certification, empowering you to make a meaningful impact. Enroll today and gain the tools you need for a rewarding career.


Take Your Coaching Career to the Next Level with James R. Elliot's Proven Certification Program

Elevate your coaching career with James Elliot's life coach certification. Our comprehensive training meets the highest standard, empowering you to make a bigger impact. Enroll now for a rewarding career in life coaching.

Transform your career and help others reach their full potential - enroll in our life coach certification training program now!


A few credentials: ABNLP, ABH, TLTA, BAS, ABNLP-C, CAPS, GSFA Best-Selling author and a professional speaker!

Meet Your Life Coach Trainer - James R. Elliot

For over 20 years, James Elliot has been an accomplished and sough-out leader and life coach trainer. His life coach training is second to none.

Combined with his passion to help others, overcoming his past challenges, personal growth and his experience, he is well-positioned to help you become a highly effective, unstoppable coach and leader.

James teaches these amazing tools and strategies, because they've created massive results and transformations in him and the people he teaches.

The Break Down

Our trainings will guide you through a proven process to develop your career, leadership life and income.

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What To Expect
● Small-class, highly interactive training sessions.● Up to 2 MONTHS of 1-on-1 integration/calls included.● Step by step client sign up and client coaching success system.● Pre-course audio programs and online self-study course.● Learn in a fun and supportive way

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PLUS:● Receive internationally-recognized certifications and accreditations.● Included sales and business training to help you get clients!!! ● Monthly virtual community nights, access to ongoing support, expert trainings and a network of people on a similar journey.

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Course Days Flex Schedule
1 Introduction to how our brain and subconscious mind works (so we can take charge of it!), strategic decision making, a recipe for transformation, being an amazing leader, key negotiation process, how to let go of the fears that stop us “Hypnosis tools for BUSINESS” (curious yet? �� ).
2 Learning how other people are mirrors to our problems, fears, worries, and things we need to work on, getting learnings from what frustrates us about other people, ways to look at life, people, problems, and our vendors/teams/employees differently – and more effectively, reading body language part 1, effective leadership part 1.
3 COMMUNICATION – why we struggle, what we need to do to powerfully communicate and articulate ourselves, building trust, rapport, credibility, and authority, developing better questions that lead to better results, asking the right questions the right way, how to stop a behavior that is not helpful, easily start liking things you want to do more, and stop liking the things that pull you away from success, tools to resolve conflict and animosity in business and personal relationships.
4 Learning how to feel “on” or amazing, when you need to be, even when you don’t feel like it, learn how to get prospects in a great place mentally and emotionally, learn how to be instantly confident and powerful for great results with clients and presentations, eliminating things that bother you in life, body language reading part 2.

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Course Days Flex Schedule
5 - Influencing others part 1, looking at how to quickly eliminate destructive or distracting habits, and adopt new, positive habits, looking at the subconscious beliefs that limit us, learn how to become aligned and congruent when “part of me wants this” or “part of me thinks or feels that” – in order to end procrastination, hesitation, or feeling stuck, looking at the things in our head, that negative voice, and why we hold ourselves back – and how to shift and change this!
-10 weeks training Turns you into unstoppable powerhouse-
6 - Looking at limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, self-hypnosis to program yourself with your goals, and what it is you want – so it happens almost automatically, how to metaphor clients so they really “understand you” and “get your value/credibility”, how to overcome client objections, beliefs, doubts or limited mindset with reframing processes.
7 - Hypnosis for business & sales part 2, The “power process” system to eliminate your fears, worries, anxiety, fear of failure, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt in any given situation or instance in the future – when you need to perform, effective leadership part 2.
8 - Influencing Others part 2, client enrollment & engagement, leadership, mentoring, coaching, tools, training, and processes (sales and customer enrollment processes are also taught throughout the course)
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Step 1 - First things first; You're going to want to schedule a call to make sure we're a fit for each other
Step 2 - Once qualified, we customize options catered to you
Step 3 - After enrollment, have your 1 on 1 strategy call
Step 4 - Join the pre-study mastermind group calls, and start learning from our comprehensive pre-study materials
Step 5 - Attend the course, get the learnings and breakthroughs, and come out of the course a whole new version of you!
Step 6 - Book your "integration call" to get crystal clear how and where to use the tool in your specific life, work and relationships
Step 7 - Stay in the community for ongoing support, review, new tips, tools and best practices, and even guest expert content to add on to the great learnings you already have!

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Some of The Techniques and Training Strategies Covered:
Looking at everything differently: Looking at life, challenges, relationships, growth, and career from a highly empowered perspective, will positively affect every aspect of your life.
Perception is Projection: Learn about what drives us crazy or angers us about other people/situations is really all about us - and how to shift this within yourself.
NLP Communication Model - how your brain works and how/why information in our communication to one another gets lost, distorted, deleted, generalized, how prejudices or assumptions are created, or why people don't even hear you or see your point - and how to change this. Works well to resolve conflict, anger, jealousy animosity and dramatically helps all relationships improve!
Power communication - Have your message actually reach people, be impactful, and be meaningful - so people "get it." Like we explained above, most of us miss 60%-80% of the people we are trying to communicate to, with our message!
Instant Rapport, Credibility and Likeability - Build deeper levels of trust, rapport, connection, understanding and credibility so you can really make an impact and have people effectively follow you and choose you.
Meta Programs - Understanding how someone makes decisions, and why they do things the way they do; learn to support them best with your leadership, coaching, or product or service. Great for hiring, interviews, and understanding people & behaviors better.
The Power Process - James' own process for releasing anxiety, fears, worries, imposter syndrome, stress and overwhelm - even negative emotions or things that are bothering you!
Perceptual Positions - Used to quickly heal rifts in relationships, friendships and business relationships and to get someone else's perspective. Works well to see the errors in your own ways too, and what you can do differently.
Addiction change/elimination technique - just like it sounds! Whether it's food addictions, work addictions, drugs, alcohol, smoking, drama.
Strategic Decision Making - Make the best decisions, for the best outcomes, quickly, using only logic and reasoning, even for difficult and major decisions. This tool allows you to remove emotion or fear from decisions (which often causes us to make bad decisions).
Boundaries Setting - Creating important boundaries in your life, so you can avoid chaos, reduce conflict, increase productivity and live a happier life!
Mapping across - learn how to like something better, such as a certain task you hate or dislike, that you need to frequently do.
Meta Model Questioning - recovering lost or omitted information in someone's communication to you & helping someone get clear on their thoughts and barriers to success. Ask better questions for better answers!
Response-ability - Learn how to respond to situations in life differently - so you have the ability to get the results you want!
Anchoring - You will learn techniques such as anchoring: a method that can be used to control how you are feeling and thus control your emotional response to any situation.
Submodalities - changing your mindset, emotional state, confidence, personal power, and how things affect you (more positively or less negatively) by learning to work with how your brain and unconscious mind work!
Attaining Set goals and Outcomes - Learn 11 principles needed in order to reach your goals, or any personal or career related outcomes.
Become fully aligned with what you want via Parts Integration - if you are torn, conflicted, if part of you wants one thing and part of you feels or wants something else, this is for you. If you're looking to put a stop to the inability to make decisions or are puzzled about something or unsure what to do, this strategy is a must!
Patterns in Language - Learn what’s behind the power of language. Language is very powerful. Through language we can change our thoughts, patterns and even our status in society!
Processes - Processes are all about how you get to your end goal by managing your mental state. It involves how you make decisions or are inspired in order to reach that end goal.Relationship Building: When helping or teaching others, it is essential to first establish a strong rapport in order to develop trust and mutual understanding.
Anchoring - mastering your and others' emotional states. Instantly feel great and empowered/confident/powerful/excited/etc., when you want to & teach this to others!
NLP Limiting Belief Change/Elimination Process - exactly like it sounds :) Eliminate any beliefs within yourself (or teams, clients, family, anyone) that are holding you back.
Senses: Learn how to use your senses in to increase their awareness of everything around them - others' body language, changes in their thoughts, reactions to your communication, etc.
Swish Pattern - Change habits and patterns that you wish you did not have, into better ones! Start better, more productive habits and patterns, AND like things better which you do not (EG: paperwork or admin that you need to get done).
The Basics: Start off by learning the relationship between your mind, emotions and behavior. With this knowledge, you will have a clearer understanding of how people learn information, communicate with others and personally grow.
Learn how to discover people's learning styles and communication styles - so you inspire, lead, influence, enroll and empower them in the most effective way
Reframing - changing the limiting thoughts in your mind, and in other people as well - changing that negative voice in our heads to a positive one instantly
Strategies - changing negative/old patterns, behaviors and habits that no longer work for you
Metaphors - creating major change and shifts in others through special stories, strategies and conversation techniques
Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training (when taken under the NLP Practitioner Certification Training)
When used, Time Line Therapy(R) training techniques can result in long-lasting transformation. The training is in-depth and will cover many Time Line Therapy(R) methods such as:-Discover how to lead a more productive life by bringing to the surface undesirable beliefs that no longer serve you and getting rid of them to make way for stronger and more positive belief systems-Move past the old failures, negative events and problematic past situations by getting the learnings from the event from a 3rd person perspective-Let go of limiting beliefs-Let go of any negative emotions from the past-Make past situations that once limited you, empower you and drive you forward instead
Study the underlying causes of anxiety and how to learn to relax
Learn better time management skillsCreate realistic and achievable goals (and avoid unattainable ones), then add those goals into your own personal time lineLearning how to create Advanced S-M-A-R-T goals and how to abolish any doubts that you can achieve those goalsGoal creation through representing your goals internally in such a way that they are so exciting they are impossible to resist
Recognize how your own time line can affect your future
Since our training meets standards set by the ABNLP, ABH TLTA, ABNLP-C, your certification is recognized across the globe.

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Ride the upwards coaching trend & make great money doing what you love and making a difference

What to expect from our life coach training & certification course
The NLP Life Coach Certification training will help you become an incredible coach and mentor.

Create An Amazing Business For Yourself:
• Discover what has been holding you and your clients back.
• Make great money doing what you love, living fulfilled and free!

Develop And Heal Yourself While Helping Others & Unleash Your Maximum Potential
• Statistics show that NLP coaches make dramatically more money than others!
• Discover motivational tools that will help you quickly progress toward your goals.
• Learn powerful communication skills and strategies to create highly effective communication with others

Master The Most Effective & Transformative Tools: Results -Based Coaching
• Learn tools to create massive shifts in people, quickly.
• Learn how marketing, advertising and language is manipulating you.

BONUS: Business, sales & client enrollment training is included in the course at no additional cost!

The last few years have forced people to wonder what their work, purpose, relationships, and lives are about.
"The average yearly growth rate for the coaching industry is 6.7%, almost at $20 billion per year."
-US Coaching Federation

"Hey Everyone! Happy to meet you - I'm James! I will be your trainer through the whole NLP process. Very excited to get started with you and get to know you and your goals and get you on the journey you've been waiting for."

James has been teaching and working with clients for over 20 years.
Certified in NLP, Sales & Negotiations, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine Therapy, and Coaching. (NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming training & certification).
A product of his own teachings and practices.
Has certified hundreds of coaches, trainers, and Consultants around the world.
Internationally recognized for training high profile coaches globally.
Unstoppable NLP!
Learn The Tools AND a Step-By-Step Client Coaching System

Full NLP Coach graduates qualify for 5 certifications and professional designations, recognized in 30+ countries.

Life & Executive Coaching Certification
NLP Coach Practitioner
Hypnosis Practitioner
Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner
Power ProcessTM for anxiety, stress, self-doubt & fear release
Plus, learn powerful leadership strategies
Plus, learn powerful communication, trust and rapport tools
Click for detailed course content and information here

Many students get clients in as soon as a month after graduating!

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Want To Be A Great (and profitable!!!) Coach or Mentor?
Our trainings also include a bonus business and sales coaching - OUR coach graduates have clients!
Learning NLP techniques will improve your ability to coach, influence, persuade, assist, lead, empower and inspire others.

With our training, you'll be ready to start using the tools and strategies right away; which is missing from many courses that take a long time to complete.
Ongoing support with personal consultations, group masterminds, -1 calls, 1student partnerships for long-term success!

Call Us Now: 905-717-9481to learn more 

Global Recognition! Become internationally certified and accredited.

Your certifications are recognized worldwide. As a result, over 30 countries recognize you! This NLP training features the board-approved evaluation that tests demonstrated and written NLP skills.

Anyone that wants to be an incredible coach and learn tools of the most successful coaches, leaders, and influencers in the world
Any speakers wanting to make a greater impact and have people actually "hear" you
If you want to take your coaching practice to a whole new level
Anyone who communicates and wants to make an impact for a living
People who are committed to personal development and personal growth
Anyone wanting to transition or grow in the empowerment or leadership field
If you feel unseen and unheard and want other people to really see your value and worth
Aspiring coaches who want to become a highly effective coach
Contact Us & Learn About Becoming An NLP Certified Coach!

Phone: 905-717-9481

Our expertise:
James is A:

Board Designated NLP Trainer & Master Trainer App.
Board Designated Hypnosis Trainer
Board Designated TLT/CYF Master Practitioner
Board Designated Holistic Nutritionist
Professional Public Speaker
James has 17+ years experience & a Google 5 Star Rating

Looking To Transform Yourself And Be An Amazing Coach?See if Life Coach Certification Training is a fit for you!CAN/Int'l: 905-717-9481
USA: 332-228-5795

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  • 20+ Years Of Experience

    I developed a proven system that unleashes your true potential through actionable training and strategies that you can use for yourself and those you work with.

  • Kick-Ass Support

    We provide a multi-faceted support system so you get the resources you need to help those around you.

  • Take The Work You Do To A Whole New Level

    Make big changes to the way you communicate, sell or lead & get more results.
    Get past the glass ceiling, and be recognized for your worth!
    KEY Benefit - Kick imposter syndrome, worry or anxiety to the curb too!!

  • The Power Of Coaching & Leading

    Discover how to change your life & work, communication, influence, and leadership.
    Bring you and those around you to that next level!
    It's the KEY to Success AND Fulfillment!