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From Vision to Victory: NLP Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success

● Live the lifestyle you want.● Double and triple the money you make.● Create strong relationships so people tell you "Yes!".● Communicate your value confidently & powerfully.● Break through your barriers.● Be a listening & body language expert.

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Welcome to our NLP for Business & Entrepreneurs Program

Discover How NLP & James' Unleash Your Potential CourseCan Transform Your Business & Income

Ever wonder why some people seem to get ahead more easily than others? It's all about the habits and strategies they use, advanced skillsets, and how they handle both good and bad times (and people!).

We often get stuck in a loop, or at a revenue glass ceiling, sometimes so much in overwhelm or burnout that we get stuck on a treadmill - vs. the actual path to success.

To really grow and improve, learning to ask yourself the right questions is key. This helps you understand yourself better, work on your weak spots, and not just stay the same as you were yesterday.

Reaching your goals, transforming your business and feeling satisfied with your life takes effort and determination.

So, this is our shout-out to anyone who is serious about seriously improving - transforming really - their business and their leadership!


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Why Choose NLP For Your Business?
Learn The Tools of The Elite!

In today’s business world, staying ahead is about more than just numbers; it’s about understanding the psychology of success. NLP offers you the keys to this understanding, empowering you with the skills to:

Communicate Like a Pro

Enhance how you connect with clients and your team, making every interaction more impactful.

Lead with Confidence

Navigate the complexities of business with newfound confidence and strategic insight.Become Highly Influential & Persuasive

Break Through Barriers

Overcome personal obstacles that have been limiting your business growth.

Boost Your Profits

 Apply NLP strategies to not just meet but double your business targets.

What’s Inside the Program?

Our program is packed with valuable insights and tools designed to fit into your busy schedule:

  • engagement

    Engaging Workshops

    Small group sessions for personalized learning experiences.

  • Exclusive Mentorship

    Direct access to James R. Elliot through one-on-one calls, integrating NLP into your business.

  • Global Certification

    Earn a certification that opens doors worldwide.

  • Practical Coaching Tools

    Everything you need to apply NLP in your business and coaching practices.

  • Tools of The Elite

    Learn what the most successful people in the world already know. James's NLP (and more!) course will transform your business.

More than just a training! — It's a transformative experience that empowers you to make a fulfilling difference.Join us, and turn your biggest goals into a beautiful reality.

Perfect for

Business leaders
Sales professionals

And anyone ready to take their business to the next level with cutting-edge psychological strategies.


The Breakdown

NLP For Business & Entrepreneurs

  • What To Expect

    ● Small-class, highly - interactive training sessions
    ● Up to 2 MONTHS of 1-on-1 integration/coaching calls included
    ● Step by step "after the course" success system.
    ● Pre-course audio programs and online self-study course.
    ● Learn in a fun and transformational environment

    PLUS +

    ● Trust, authority, sales and rapport-building strategies
    ● Maximize your ability to confidently stand out
    ● Learn top influence and persuasion principles
    ● Attend monthly community nights, access to ongoing peer group support, expert trainings & masterminds
    ● Learn to read body language for what's not being said!

  • Course Outline

    1 Introduction to how our brain and subconscious mind works (so we can take charge of it!), strategic decision making, a recipe for transformation, being an amazing leader, key negotiation process, how to let go of the fears that stop us “Hypnosis tools for BUSINESS” (curious yet? ).

    2 Learning how other people are mirrors to our problems, fears, worries, and things we need to work on, getting learnings from what frustrates us about other people, ways to look at life, people, problems, and our vendors/teams/employees differently – and more effectively, reading body language part 1, effective leadership part 1.

    3 COMMUNICATION – why we struggle, what we need to do to powerfully communicate and articulate ourselves, building trust, rapport, credibility, and authority, developing better questions that lead to better results, asking the right questions the right way, how to stop a behavior that is not helpful, easily start liking things you want to do more, and stop liking the things that pull you away from success, tools to resolve conflict and animosity in business and personal relationships.

    4 Learning how to feel “on” or amazing, when you need to be, even when you don’t feel like it, learn how to get prospects in a great place mentally and emotionally, learn how to be instantly confident and powerful for great results with clients and presentations, eliminating things that bother you in life, body language reading part 2.

    5 - Influencing others Part 1 looking at how to quickly eliminate destructive or distracting habits, and adopt new, positive habits, looking at the subconscious beliefs that limit us, learn how to become aligned and congruent when “part of me wants this” or “part of me thinks or feels that” – in order to end procrastination, hesitation, or feeling stuck, looking at the things in our head, that negative voice, and why we hold ourselves back – and how to shift and change this!

    -10 weeks of training Turns you into an unstoppable powerhouse-

    6 - Looking at limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, self-hypnosis to program yourself with your goals, and what it is you want – so it happens almost automatically, how to metaphor clients so they really “understand you” and “get your value/credibility”, how to overcome client objections, beliefs, doubts or limited mindset with reframing processes.

    7 - Hypnosis for business & sales part 2, The “power process” system to eliminate your fears, worries, anxiety, fear of failure, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt in any given situation or instance in the future – when you need to perform, effective leadership part 2.

    8 - Influencing Others part 2, client enrollment & engagement, leadership, mentoring, coaching, tools, training, and processes (sales and customer enrollment processes are also taught throughout the course)

  • What's next?

    Step 1 - First things first; You're going to want to schedule a call to make sure we're a fit for each other

    Step 2 - Once qualified, we shall customize options catered to you

    Step 3 - After enrollment, have your 1 on 1 strategy call

    Step 4 - Join the pre-study mastermind group calls, and start learning from our comprehensive pre-study materials

    Step 5 - Attend the course, get the learnings and breakthroughs, and come out of the course a whole new version of you!

    Step 6 - Book your "integration call" to get crystal clear how and where to use the tool in your specific life, work and relationships

    Step 7 - Stay in the community for ongoing support, review, new tips, tools and best practices, and even guest expert content to add on to the great learnings you already have!

  • Benefits

    After your strategy call, we design a custom plan for you that will ensure your success.

    Learn proven strategies that will help you stand out, become highly effective, and have you at your best.

    Get recognition for your contribution and eliminate blocks like self-doubt or imposter syndrome.

    Learn how to think like the most successful people in the world.
    Develop powerful skills like leadership, persuasion, and negotiation techniques.

    With these tools, you will have your success and abilities reach a whole new level. Why make incremental changes when you can make big ones, for big results!?

    Now, all that's missing is for you to schedule that first call and get started. :)

  • Curriculum

    Some of The Techniques and Training Strategies Covered:

    Looking at everything differently: Looking at life, challenges, relationships, growth, and career from a highly empowered perspective, will positively affect every aspect of your life.

    Perception is Projection: Learn about what drives us crazy or angers us about other people/situations is really all about us - and how to shift this within yourself.

    NLP Communication Model - how your brain works and how/why information in our communication to one another gets lost, distorted, deleted, generalized, how prejudices or assumptions are created, or why people don't even hear you or see your point - and how to change this. Works well to resolve conflict, anger, jealousy animosity and dramatically helps all relationships improve!

    Power communication - Have your message actually reach people, be impactful, and be meaningful - so people "get it." Like we explained above, most of us miss 60%-80% of the people we are trying to communicate to, with our message!

    Instant Rapport, Credibility and Likeability - Build deeper levels of trust, rapport, connection, understanding and credibility so you can really make an impact and have people effectively follow you and choose you.

    Meta Programs - Understanding how someone makes decisions, and why they do things the way they do; learn to support them best with your leadership, coaching, or product or service. Great for hiring, interviews, and understanding people & behaviors better.

    The Power Process - James' own process for releasing anxiety, fears, worries, imposter syndrome, stress and overwhelm - even negative emotions or things that are bothering you!

    Perceptual Positions - Used to quickly heal rifts in relationships, friendships and business relationships and to get someone else's perspective. Works well to see the errors in your own ways too, and what you can do differently.

    Addiction change/elimination technique - just like it sounds! Whether it's food addictions, work addictions, drugs, alcohol, smoking, drama.

    Strategic Decision Making - Make the best decisions, for the best outcomes, quickly, using only logic and reasoning, even for difficult and major decisions. This tool allows you to remove emotion or fear from decisions (which often causes us to make bad decisions).

    Boundaries Setting - Creating important boundaries in your life, so you can avoid chaos, reduce conflict, increase productivity and live a happier life!

    Mapping across - learn how to like something better, such as a certain task you hate or dislike, that you need to frequently do.

    Meta Model Questioning - recovering lost or omitted information in someone's communication to you & helping someone get clear on their thoughts and barriers to success. Ask better questions for better answers!

    Response-ability - Learn how to respond to situations in life differently - so you have the ability to get the results you want!

    Anchoring - You will learn techniques such as anchoring: a method that can be used to control how you are feeling and thus control your emotional response to any situation.

    Submodalities - changing your mindset, emotional state, confidence, personal power, and how things affect you (more positively or less negatively) by learning to work with how your brain and unconscious mind work!

    Attaining Set goals and Outcomes - Learn 11 principles needed in order to reach your goals, or any personal or career related outcomes.

    Become fully aligned with what you want via Parts Integration - if you are torn, conflicted, if part of you wants one thing and part of you feels or wants something else, this is for you. If you're looking to put a stop to the inability to make decisions or are puzzled about something or unsure what to do, this strategy is a must!

    Patterns in Language - Learn what’s behind the power of language. Language is very powerful. Through language we can change our thoughts, patterns and even our status in society!

    Processes - Processes are all about how you get to your end goal by managing your mental state. It involves how you make decisions or are inspired in order to reach that end goal.
    Relationship Building: When helping or teaching others, it is essential to first establish a strong rapport in order to develop trust and mutual understanding.

    Anchoring - mastering your and others' emotional states. Instantly feel great and empowered/confident/powerful/excited/etc., when you want to & teach this to others!

    NLP Limiting Belief Change/Elimination Process - exactly like it sounds :) Eliminate any beliefs within yourself (or teams, clients, family, anyone) that are holding you back.

    Senses: Learn how to use your senses in to increase their awareness of everything around them - others' body language, changes in their thoughts, reactions to your communication, etc.

    Swish Pattern - Change habits and patterns that you wish you did not have, into better ones! Start better, more productive habits and patterns, AND like things better which you do not (EG: paperwork or admin that you need to get done).

    The Basics: Start off by learning the relationship between your mind, emotions and behavior. With this knowledge, you will have a clearer understanding of how people learn information, communicate with others and personally grow.

    Learn how to discover people's learning styles and communication styles - so you inspire, lead, influence, enroll and empower them in the most effective way

    Reframing - changing the limiting thoughts in your mind, and in other people as well - changing that negative voice in our heads to a positive one instantly

    Strategies - changing negative/old patterns, behaviors and habits that no longer work for you

    Metaphors - creating major change and shifts in others through special stories, strategies and conversation techniques

    Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training (when taken under the NLP Practitioner Certification Training)

    When used, Time Line Therapy(R) training techniques can result in long-lasting transformation. The training is in-depth and will cover many Time Line Therapy(R) methods such as:
    -Discover how to lead a more productive life by bringing to the surface undesirable beliefs that no longer serve you and getting rid of them to make way for stronger and more positive belief systems
    -Move past the old failures, negative events and problematic past situations by getting the learnings from the event from a 3rd person perspective
    -Let go of limiting beliefs
    -Let go of any negative emotions from the past
    -Make past situations that once limited you, empower you and drive you forward instead

    Study the underlying causes of anxiety and how to learn to relax

    Learn better time management skills
    Create realistic and achievable goals (and avoid unattainable ones), then add those goals into your own personal time line
    Learning how to create Advanced S-M-A-R-T goals and how to abolish any doubts that you can achieve those goals
    Goal creation through representing your goals internally in such a way that they are so exciting they are impossible to resist

    Recognize how your own time line can affect your future

    Since our training meets standards set by the ABNLP, ABH TLTA, ABNLP-C, your certification is recognized across the globe.

  • Why NLP For Your Business?

    Course Highlights:
    Personal Breakthroughs: Experience incredible personal transformations.
    Highly Personalized: Tailored NLP training & certification to meet your unique needs.
    Exceptional Ratings: 5-star rated course by students on Google.
    Small Class Sizes: For an enhanced learning environment.
    Flexible Learning: Choose between in-person or online video call training.
    Ongoing Support: Re-attend the course for free within 2 years and join our mastermind group post-graduation.

    What You Will Learn:
    Overcome Obstacles: Eliminate fears and expand your toolkit for better results.
    Influence & Leadership: Grow your career and business by becoming an influential leader.
    Skill Development: Master communication, influence, persuasion, and self-confidence.
    Awareness: Understand how marketing and language impact you and learn to counteract manipulation.
    Professional Growth: Strategies for business success and sales training included at no extra cost.

    Certification & Professional Designation:
    Graduates qualify for five board certifications recognized in over 38 countries:

    NLP Coach Practitioner
    Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
    Power Process™ for anxiety, stress, fear release
    Plus, learn leadership strategies, communication, trust, and rapport tools.

    Meet Your Trainer: James R. Elliott
    Experienced: Over 20 years of teaching and client work.
    Certified Expert: Specializes in NLP, Sales & Negotiations, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine Therapy, and Coaching.
    Global Recognition: Internationally recognized trainer for high-profile individuals.
    "Join me on this transformational journey to unleash your power and achieve the success you've always desired!"

    Who Should Enroll: Training Leaders, salespeople, managers, teachers, and anyone in roles requiring effective communication and influence.
    Individuals seeking personal development and growth.
    Those aspiring to make an impact as mentors, coaches, or leaders.
    Become Certified in NLP:
    Location: Trainings available in-person or online.

    Contact: Call us at 905-717-9481 or click the contact button below for more information.
    Transform your life and career with our Unstoppable NLP Certification Course. Unleash your potential today!

Gain insights from a globally acclaimed best-selling Author, Speaker, and Trainer.Bringing decades of expertise to enrich your journey!


Meet Your Mentor: James R. Elliot

Discover the Man Who Will Guide You to Your Ultimate Business and Personal Success

Hey Everyone! Happy to meet you - I'm James! I will be your trainer through the whole process. Very excited to get started with you and get to know you and your goals and get you on the journey you've been waiting for.

James R. Elliot


A Journey of Growth and Empowerment
Hello, I’m James R. Elliot – your guide on this incredible journey of transformation. With over 24 years of experience as a mentor, speaker, author, and trainer, my mission is to empower ambitious individuals like you to unlock your full potential, both personally and professionally to help your business success absolutely skyrocket!

  • Read more

    Why I Believe in NLP
    My passion for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) began with my own journey of self-discovery and growth. I’ve seen firsthand how NLP can transform challenges into stepping stones, and communication barriers into bridges. It’s not just a set of techniques; it’s a new way of seeing the world that opens up endless possibilities for success.

    What I Bring to the Table
    20+ Years of Experience: I’ve spent two decades mentoring thousands of individuals, from entrepreneurs to coaches, helping them to achieve their dreams.
    Real-World Expertise: As a business owner myself, I understand the challenges you face and the skills you need to overcome them.
    A Personal Touch: My approach to teaching NLP is deeply personal. I believe in building strong, supportive relationships with my students, guiding them through their transformation.
    Internationally Recognized: My programs and certifications are respected worldwide, giving you the tools and credibility to excel.
    My Promise to You
    I am here to support you, challenge you, and celebrate with you as you embark on this journey to elevate your business and life. With the right mindset, tools, and guidance, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Let’s make your dreams a reality together.

    Join Me
    If you’re ready to transform your business approach, enhance your leadership skills, and communicate more effectively than ever before, I invite you to join me in the NLP For Business & Entrepreneurs program. Together, we’ll unlock the doors to your success.

  • Key Qualifications & Certifications: GSF, ABNLP, ABH, TLTA, BAS, ABNLPC, CAPS.

  • Upcoming Work: James is excited about his third book, "Unstoppable Influence" aiming to inspire even greater change.


Master NLP For Less Work And More Money, Travel & Time For Your Passions.

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Get The e-Guide: 7 Figure SuccessMaster NLP For Less Work And More Money, Travel & Time For Your Passions

Learn From A Bestselling Author &Life Coach Certification Trainer With 24 Years of Experience!

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Why Dive Into NLP Training and Certification? Let’s Explore!

So, you’re curious about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and wondering if it's the right fit for you? Well, you’re in for a treat because NLP is like having a magic wand for your life and career. Here are five awesome reasons why jumping into NLP training and certification is a brilliant idea:
1. Unleash Your True SelfImagine breaking free from invisible chains holding you back. NLP is like a key to unlock your hidden potential. You’ll discover what makes you tick, ditch those pesky doubts, and say hello to a more confident you. It’s all about turning “I can’t” into “I can and I will!”
2. Become a Communication WizardEver wish you could understand people better or get your point across without the hassle? NLP to the rescue! You’ll learn the art of conversation, how to listen like a pro, and express yourself clearly and confidently. It’s like learning a new language, but way cooler because it helps you connect with others on a whole new level.

  • Continue Reading...

    3. Boost Your Career Like a RocketWhether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or running your own show, NLP skills are like superpowers for your career. You’ll stand out in negotiations, lead teams like a boss, and inspire others with your newfound charisma. It’s not just a resume booster; it’s a game-changer for your professional life.
    4. Become Someone’s HeroGot a passion for helping others? With NLP, you can be that life-changing mentor or coach everyone raves about. You’ll have the tools to guide people through their ups and downs, helping them achieve their dreams. Plus, being certified adds a shiny badge of credibility to your superhero cape.
    5. Grow Inside OutNLP isn’t just about what you achieve on the outside; it’s also a journey inward. You’ll get to know the real you, understand why you feel what you feel, and how to manage those emotions like a pro. It’s like becoming best friends with yourself, understanding your quirks, and loving yourself more for them.

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Why James is Your Go-To Guy for NLP Training

So, you're thinking about diving into the world of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and looking for the right mentor? Well, let me tell you why James is the man for the job. He's not just any trainer; he's the guide you've been looking for on your journey to transformation. Here’s the lowdown on why choosing James is a no-brainer:
1. Experience That Speaks VolumesJames isn't just someone who decided to teach NLP one fine day. He's been in the game for over two decades! This guy has seen it all, done it all, and knows exactly how to navigate the twists and turns of personal development. With James, you're getting lessons drawn from real-life experiences, not just textbook theory.
2. Certifications GaloreWhen we say James knows his stuff, we mean it. He's got a treasure trove of certifications in NLP, Sales & Negotiations, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine Therapy, and Coaching. This isn't just about having fancy titles; it's about the depth and breadth of knowledge he brings to the table. James is the Swiss Army knife of personal development!

  • Continue Reading...

    3. Walks the TalkEver heard the saying, "Be the change you wish to see"? James embodies this. He's not just teaching NLP techniques; he's living proof that they work. His own transformational journey is a testament to the power of NLP, and he's passionate about sharing this magic with you.
    4. Globally RecognizedThis isn’t about local fame; James has made waves internationally, training high-profile individuals around the globe. When you learn from James, you're getting insights, techniques, and strategies that have proven effective across different cultures and industries. It's like getting a world tour of personal development!
    5. A Teacher at HeartBeyond all the expertise and accolades, what really sets James apart is his genuine passion for teaching and seeing his students grow. He keeps his classes small to ensure you get the personalized attention you deserve. Plus, with the option to re-attend classes for free within two years, it's clear he’s committed to your success.
    Why Settle for Less?Choosing James as your NLP trainer is like having a mentor, a guide, and a cheerleader all rolled into one. He’s not just going to teach you NLP; he’s going to change the way you see yourself and the world around you. Ready for a transformation? James is your best bet. Let’s make it happen!

Discover the Path to Transformation with a Best-Selling Author and Renowned Speaker

Dive into an enriching journey of personal and professional growth with a best-selling author and acclaimed professional speaker who is not just an expert in the field but a continuous learner dedicated to mastering the art of transformation.

Why Choose This Unique Learning Experience?

    Picture getting insights from a best-selling author and a speaker who lights up the stage. They're here to share secrets that aren't just about winning but thriving.

    We're all about keeping the learning vibe alive. Always discovering, always growing – that's our mantra.

     Forget those massive, impersonal classes. We keep it snug, with plenty of one-on-one time. It's like learning from a wise friend who’s got all the time for your questions.

    This isn’t just about today; it's about building your tribe. Meet folks who'll be cheering for you long after the course ends, ready to give you a leg up whenever you need it.

    Ever wanted to read the room like a book or stand in a way that screams confidence? We've got you covered. It's like learning a superpower!

    Specializing in making you unstoppable. We're all about turning "I can't" into "Watch me!" with the right mix of tough love and killer strategies.

What Sets James Apart: Beyond Just NLP Training

    James doesn’t just stop at NLP; he brings in Time Line Therapy and his unique Power Process to the mix. Imagine tackling your deepest fears, squashing self-doubt, and waving goodbye to worries all in one go. It’s like hitting the refresh button on your life.


    With James, the journey doesn’t end when the course does. He offers monthly FREE sessions where you can ask questions, practice what you’ve learned, and get feedback on real-life challenges. It’s like having a safety net as you walk the tightrope of life.

    James isn’t just looking to teach; he’s aiming to transform. He’s all about making a significant impact in your life, relationships, and career. And the cherry on top? Graduates get to join a year-long weekly mastermind and support group. It’s like being part of a special club where everyone is rooting for each other’s success.

A few of Our Amazing Clients

Gabriel Says It Was An Incredible Experience And That Everyone Needs This To Take Their Life To A Whole New Level

Matteo Says "It Really Helped With More Effective Communication, Productivity, Fulfillment And Meaning In My Life."

Michelle Says "James' course really helped me, and my customers, get the results that we wanted."

Cristina Says "This Course Was The Best Decision I Ever Made!"

Manny Said This Dramatically Increased His Business, Leadership, And Coach Abilities

Patrick Loved The Course - "It Was A Great Community Environment And James Managed Each Student At The Level They Were At

Carolyn Says It Transformed Her Both Personally And Professionally

Margherita Says It Was The Missing Piece To The Puzzle Of Life And Business And Was a Friendly, Fun, Down-To-Earth Environment.

Marisa says she highly recommends the course and it is "Chock Full Of Amazing!" James is so flexible and can easily flow, adjust and adapt to the students' needs.

Kerri Says James Helped Her Communicate More, Take Action, And Understand What Was Holding Her Back

Matt says the course completely changed his life and work!

Evelyn Says: "I Discovered And Broke Through The Barriers Holding Me Back With Wealth"

Carmelina Says It Was A Phenomenal Experience And She Let Go Of The Past

Donald Said It Helped Him Focus, Take Control, Take Action and Win In His Life!

Laura Says She Got A Massive Promotion At Work Because Of The Course!

Jennifer Says She Broke Through Her Barriers, It Changed Her Life, Her Business And Her Relationships!

Jonathan Says It Really Helped With Awareness Of His Blocks, Depression, Anxiety And Increased His Confidence!

Chester Says This Course Changed My Life And How It Empowered Him Help Others!

Nina Says This Was A Turning Point In Her Life! She Moved Past The Things That Were Holding Her Back In Her Job, Her Relationships And Personally!

Brett Says The Course Will Help You Push Your Life To The Limits, Move Past Your Roadblocks And Go All The Way!

Milad says that things changed for him in a very short period of time!

Shawn says, " I gotso much out of it for me personally and broke through analyzing things somuch"!

Katiana says, " James really went beyond my expectations andtransformed my life"!

Quynh talks about how much she loves the care James has for his students!

Adam says that James is very supportive and follows through on exactly what hesays he's going to do. Adam says that things started to change dramatically in terms of his mindset

Shurla says, " I learned a lot during the course and got a toolbox full of tools andtechniques that I can use in my coachingbusiness"!

Steven Chavez Says "The course kept participants engaged and energized, making it a unique and enjoyable experience."

Dive In with James
Choosing James means you’re not just signing up for a course; you’re opening the door to a community, ongoing support, and tools that tackle life head-on.Ready to make waves in your life?

Get More Information On Our Small Class Size Courses.

*Limited spots available.