You're Letting Toxic Thoughts Destroy Your Success!

You're letting toxic thoughts destroy your success! Really? Yup, you are! It happens to the best of us

  • Not trusting anyone - not trusting anyone, or even yourself (this is often why we don't trust others). Give trust and you will get it in return. Hold it back, and it will be held from you too. 
  • Not believing in yourself, loving yourself or valuing yourself- this is another biggie - if you don't value and love yourself at a deeper level, no one else will either. And it will affect your relationships, many friendships, and in your career as well (ie clients purchasing or getting a raise or promotion!) 
  • Thinking you have control - You don't have control over others, They do what they want and have their own stuff and stories going on. Inspire people however don't let what they do and say affect you negatively. They are just reacting to their "stuff," and we all have our "stuff."
  • Thinking you have NO control - Continuing my point above - you to have total control over yourself and your actions and what you bring into your life. Remember, life is 1% what happens to us and 99% how we respond to it.
  • Worrying too much about what others think - This is a big one. We all worry what others think about us - life is often all about "looking good," whether it's in our careers, our cars, our homes, our bodies, our kids, our capabilties, our clothes, our money, etc., just to impress others. Why? They should be impressed by YOU, and if they are not, Frankly they are not worth your time. March to the beat of your own drum - do what makes YOU happy. Be unique. Be ODD, as the author of the great book Odditude writes. I used to worry so much that I was different in high school than others, and now it's what makes me (and all of us!) unique and excel!
  • Always comparing yourself to others - I used to do this all the time at the gym, comparing myself with others, seeing how strong I was, how lean I was, whether I was "as good" as someone else. I used to do this in my first few years of business as well, comparing myself to people who were way ahead of me - but who had many more years in their businesses than I did. The only person you should be comparing yourself to, is...yourself! Strive to always be better and learn more and continue improving, learning, excelling, and honing your skills and all the things you can do. Are you getting better, smarter, learning more as time goes by? Bood! Start comparing yourself only with yourself and you will be a lot happier.
  • Thinking Faiure = Failure - There is no failure in life unless something happened and you did not learn anything at all. Not one single thing....However, you did learn something didn't you? Whether it be a failed career, business, marriage/relationship, venture, hobby, etc., we always learn something for the future which helps us with our decisions, and helps us create and achieve more of what we want!