Whiten Your Teeth - Naturally With Food!

So, how do you whiten your teeth while getting something healthy (and tasty!) to eat?


Strawberries - they contain an enzyme that acts like a natural bleach. They also have lots of antioxidants, and those in strawberries are very good at preventing cavity-causing bacteria from attaching to your teeth!

Crunchy fruit and veggies - like apples, carrots, celery, trigger your mouth to make saliva, washing away stains and food particles. The crunching action of these foods also helps clean your teeth as well. Ever ran your tongue around your teeth after eating an apple? (Unless you get the skin stuck in your teeth! :) )

Tart fruits like oranges, citrus, and pineapple - cause the mouth to create more saliva which again washes particles away. The slightly acidic action of citrus can also help remove films from foods, but swish your mouth out with water afterwards so the acid doesn't sit on your teeth and possibly do damage if left on your teeth for a long time.

Cheeses - especially hard cheeses - and yoghurt - these contain proteins that stick to your teeth, preventing other particles from sticking and staining. The lactic acid in dairy also helps kill bacteria on teeth that can cause cavities. 

Broccoli -  Eating crisp raw broccoli can help clean and polish your teeth. The iron in broccoli has the added benefit of providing a wall of protection for your teeth against the enamel-degrading acid that’s produced by bacteria,  according to research in the European Journal of Dentistry. This helps prevent stains, cavities and tooth decay.

Water - water, of course, keeps your mouth moist, washes away particles and allows saliva to do it's job to protect your mouth from bacteria. 

Raisins - although not my first choice here because they have lots of sugar, are also very good at promoting saliva production in your mouth - but just eat them in moderation as they contain a lot of sugars which can harm teeth, and of course, cause weight gain. 

Gum - any gum will help clean your teeth, remove debris, and promote saliva production which protects teeth. (Make sure it's sugar free gum with either Stevia or Xylitol {healthier non-sugar sweeteners}). Xylitol is a sugar alcohol from wood chips that can actually kill bacteria and yeast in your mouth!

Here's a non food trick to whiten your teeth and kill bacteria in your mouth - make a solution with equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water. Use it like mouthwash. And don't worry: it has been declared safe to use as a teeth whitener by the American Dental Association. DO NOT SWALLOW!

Rinse your mouth after drinking or eating things that can stain your teeth like coffee, black tea, pop, beets, etc., to keep your healthy smile!