Want To Cheat On Your Diet A Bit For The Next Couple Weeks? Go Ahead!!!

Ok, so now that you are all thinking how much I need to take some time off this holiday season because I have gone crazy, let's explore this a little more.

So yes, a nutritionist is recommending you cheat on your diet this holliday season. Now, this isn't a license to go crazy and eat everything in sight that isn't good for you (you're also going to feel like you are in a food hangover if you do).

There has been a lot of recent research that has shown that if you cheat on your diet every 6-8 weeks (or up to 3 months), for about 2 weeks, and then resume your diet/healthy lifestyle again, it will reset your metabolism.

Why does this matter?

If you are on a fairly low glycemic diet, (or especially if you are on a low carb diet) and have been for a while, you have definitely noticed the benefits. However, if your goal is fat reduction, then you can plateau (due to a couple other reasons as well), after many months, or years, on these diets/lifestyles.

Don't get me wrong, I love a low glycemic diet for long term health, fat loss, and vitality. This is different from a low-carb diet, which should be temporary while you are in a fat loss stage, or trying to reduce diabetes, lower your cholesterol and triglycerides. 

What does resetting your metabolism do?

By temporarily switching to a higher glycemic, higher carb, higher calorie (only 200-300 calories extra per day, don't go nuts now) for a couple weeks, you can reset your metabolism. Your body decides that it needs to burn more calories to keep you at a healthy weight, so it revvs up your metabolism, and your fat-burning fire. This will help you get off a plateau, and continue your weight loss once again.

How do I do it?

Cheat on your diet a little bit and up your calories/food intake (preferably with healthier food - just more of it, or starchier versions) for 2 weeks or until you have put on 2-3 extra pounds, whichever happens first. After this, it's definitley time to switch back to the previous diet/lifestyle to maintain your weight, or continue losing weight. The great news is that after this cheat period, and even though you may have put on 1,2, or 3 lbs, your body will be in a heightened state of fat burning, and you will continue losing weight again.

From a food lover who proves it can be healthy AND tasty, Merry Christmas, and anything else you celebrate!