Toxic Motivation and Toxic Advice

Toxic Motivation and Toxic Advice

Toxic Motivation and Toxic Advice - How To Know When You Hear It!

Toxic motivation and toxic advice , what is it ?how do you know you're getting it ? I am a big fan of just do it , take action and don't be lazy get up and go.

You hear a lot of these so-called inspiring people .Just telling you ,get off your butt and just do it make it hard just get it.  feel the burn .I think ,I have a problem with that. The problem with it is you just can't do that .As someone who used to suffer from a depression being stuck, being overthinking and overwhelmed .  

It's not as easy ,as you know get out of your damn head go do it otherwise you're lazy. So be careful with some of these things you hear out. This motivation ,the youtube and let all this stuff motivate you. Yes ! However if someone you know yelling at you or telling you just do it just go for it no matter what .I'm again a big fan of YES Just Do It ,Live In Screw It and let's do it. Like Richard Branson says ,"Live an effort"! Justin sterling says,Live and you know, find a way, think how can I?

The three Pillars 1)Focus 2) Action 3)Doing the work on yourself

Doing the work managing the monkey like a leaders thinking like a successful person.

Taking action doing the work, managing that voice in your head.The gremlin that says, you can't do this a little devil in your head that says you're not good enough .The monkey on your back ,that's just messing with you and and you're you're wifing yourself to death ,so careful.Call on yourself when you're lazy and say yourself am I being lazy ?or do i really need to rest? For example do I need to to do some work first and then take these actions?Yes, go get your dreams yes take action yes face your fears absolutely and do the work and focus on what you want create the goals and really align yourself with what you want because when you align yourself with what you want you find purpose in something and and there can be a selfish purpose too.

It's important when you find purpose,it is going to naturally motivate you .To speak or get involved ,get taking action ,get starting something. Otherwise, this stuff can cause self-judgment lack of worthiness .It can cause guilt, it can cause grief. Connect with your why.Both wise you're selfish ,why? why to be really fulfilled for let all the small problems go away and you do need a selfish why and contrary to what people tell you .It is okay to be selfish .We need to be selfish, we need to take care of ourselves sometimes we need to be fulfilled too .We need to do things just for us ,too .One of my favorite things is travel and adventure and learning and culture that's something I do for me .I try to give back whenever I'm away and I want to be able to give back and and leave a big mark on the planet and and make this world a better place than I found it that's my bigger ,worldly wife .But I do have my my personal wife , have fun with friends, I love food ,I love learning culture that's more my selfish, why I do things? And  the bigger worldly wise I want people to win ,I want to help amazing people. When leaders win ,mentors of people and I want the world a better place, so again next time you hear one of these videos or audios or something ,someone. Just do it make it harder just  do it , you know stop being wimp be really or any permutation that be really careful and listen to see if they're giving you any other advice then just you know do it, go do it .

Now stop being lazy get off your ass , you need to create that different reality in yourself first .Look well what is holding you back and why yelling at yourself ,grief, guilt won't change . Someone else yelling at you won't change that if it does it'll change it for a very short time and you'll fall back so you need to create a different reality in yourself.

Remember our conscious mind,   i want that is only five percent your brain our unconscious mind or subconscious mind which controls all our behaviors all our actions our learnings our habits patterns reactions  it's all unconscious ,it's all subconscious, it's all controlled by our subconscious or unconscious mind so we need to look at that and we also need to look at, is there any sneaky secondary gain or things limiting you?Or keeping you stuck? for example what are you getting? what can you do ?or what do not have to do by being stuck ? or being in this current place , address that first before you go do the action and take the action and that's the biggest thing again .Secondary gain is what limits so many people, there is again the pain and it's not about being lazy or unmotivated or whatever there literally is a gain to the pain whether it's maybe staying safe, the brain or the unconscious mind or an inner child thinks we're staying safe or playing it safe or there's less risk by hiding at home and being miserable ,or not having success in something .It means there's no failure or people won't try to come after me,all my money or I won't be humiliated when I fail .Because if I fail publicly it's way worse than failing privately right? And this is all the stuff that goes on in our brain and it's so not true right?We all have failures, failure is only feedback ,anyways there's really no failure you never truly fail unless you do not start, unless you give up because you fail by default. Anyway you basically failed by default if you don't take action,don't do something you fail by deep or you quit so never ever ever give up.

Remember these keys that I've taught you today? Yes, you need to take action, yes careful ,that toxic action,that toxic motivation ,that toxic advice, just going and doing it no matter what ,because if you don't change anything inside I guarantee you, you're going to stop, you're going to quit, you're going to fail. Hard days come up or things come up it will stop you.Do the inner work, do the end work first i.e what will keep you going in the right direction because that's why our habits are there that's why our patterns are there good and bad and that's what we need to do to change our habits and patterns and again think about what do i get to do by having this problem or what do i not have to do by being in this current place or being stuck or having this problem or not achieving .

What I want address that first secondary gain and the hidden gain to the pain is very very incipient it can hide well and it can keep you stuck no matter how much you want something like, is it keeping you safe? Is it keeping you from from failing from looking bad ?Keeping someone from saying I told you so, is it  you know protecting you  to some degree? Or is your brain think it's protecting you? That's the thing it thinks it's protecting you but it's actually not it's  self-sabotaging.Of course right so again the big thing I want you to take away from this guys is- just listen to yourself,listen to your intuition,and really be conscious and think about okay all these voices in my head are all these external voices as well are these toxic are they saying what I want them to ?Is it true? Do I need to do this ?Do I have to do this or can you do a different way can you can you look and see what is going on out here because what's going on externally in your world - is actually a reflection of what's going on inside so if you don't like the outside world ,change your insight .You don't like what's going outside change the inside learn some of the top tools the most successful people in the world learn.

Top tools of top thinkers learn that is what I do that's why I love teaching people these tools because it will just set you on a path to success remove the limiting beliefs the patterns the habits the imposter center and the monkey mind and teach you to manage your mind .So if you want to know more I love what I do, I love talking about this. Look at the other videos on the YouTube channel check out or email me james unleash Would love to talk more hope this has been helpful. Remember careful about listening to toxic advice and tell someone telling you just get off your ass just do it. Yes! That's important but you have to do the work first so see a coach, see a mentor, see a therapist do some kind of spiritual thing- a meditation or just even looking down, writing down what you really want, writing down what gets in your way and writing down all the limitations and even looking at .That will help you alone and again I believe in mentorship I believe coaching .Find a great mentor, find a great coach .Come take the course it's going to rock your world.