The WORST Thing You Can Do When Making An Important Decision – And The Critical Thing To Do Instead

The WORST Thing You Can Do When Making An Important Decision – And The Critical Thing To Do Instead

What is the worst mistake that you can make when it comes to taking action? Taking risks? Making decisions? Well I’ve talked a lot about big mistakes we can make when taking action or lack of it but this is one of the biggest..

So what is it? Well okay it's thinking when you want something, when you want to do something, you want to take action, learn something, do something, do something new, do something that makes you uncomfortable, it's that- Well When I, Then I… When this happens, then I can do that, when this occurs, well then I’m able to do that.

It's a very very dangerous place to be, because it stops a lot of people from doing a lot of great things. So instead of thinking well I can't start my business till my kids grow up or I can't start my business until I make more money and save more money, Will there ever be a day when you're just you know drowning in cash and drowning in money and rolling in your money? Probably not.

So instead of working to the end of your life and thinking wow I really should have started my business earlier but I didn't, have enough money find a way and just start and get out there and be uncomfortable. See it's our fear and worry. Our fear of failure or maybe we did fail at something once. You know totally dissimilar to when we were you know kids riding bikes and learning to ride a bike or learning to walk, right? We failed and failed lots of times. Why now as adults do we fail at one thing or fear something so much that we put these reasons out there? I can't until I have more money, I can't have more time or I can't until I get a better job or I can't do this until I have a job or till my kids are out of school, until I'm retired or until my kids are older or until I know more or until I'm more educated or an expert.

I can't until blank; this can't happen until blank, until this; then this, when I blank; then I can. Right? It's a very dangerous thing to do because it will never get there and this is what limits people so much you'll never ever get there. So this is time to have some real talk from the heart that you have to just do it. You have to live and screw it. Let's do it like Sir Richard Branson says. Live and eff it, let's do it like Justin Sterling says. Whatever metaphor you want to use, you just have to go take action and do it. Yes have a plan of course, take calculated risks, and don’t just throw your money up in the air. Avoid doing that. However taking calculated risks isn't something a lot of us are good at; it's not something we were programmed to do in school or in university, most of us or by most of our parents. Most of our parents you probably heard that voice in your head saying, “oh get a good job” “you know get a stable job” “get a good job get a job that has a pension” “don't rock the boat” or “don't be too big and bright because you may get fired” or whatever permutation of this stuff- your parents, your culture, religion, society, community, told you all that. That poison stuff that limits us and that voice in our head it contributes to the voice in our head that says, “you can't do that” “it’s not going to work, even though it worked for them” “look at them they're so great” “it's not going to work for you” All that stuff in our head poisons us. It makes us think and say oh “I can't until blank” or “I'm too young” or “I’m too old”

I always joke in my courses, I say, you know I should get the too young and the too old people together and have them talk and realize they're both full of it. It's just fear and I say this with love.

It's just fear and worry and self-doubt. So my message here is to be very careful and always be thinking, how can I? How can I do this? That is the key.

How can I make this work? Because where there's a will, there's a way. It's something I got really passionate about because, I was making this mistake before, eight years ago. “I can't write my book, until blank” “I can't start my business, until blank” or “maybe if I wait a little longer or learn a little more” Even when I did start my business I had hesitated, well I need to learn more or I'm not perfect yet, I don't know enough yet. Trust me you learn as you go, we all learn as we go. Most of us make it up as we go along too. Right?

Most of us even leaders are making it up as we go along. We don't know everything. No one knows everything.

So my message today is think how can I? How can i make this work? Do I have to borrow? Beg? Steal? whether it's the time or money or energy or whatever. Preferably not steal, of course. How do I do this? Do I ask for money? Do I get a second job? Work overtime? Ask for a raise? Demand a raise? Find better investments? Take money out of certain things? Have a home equity line? Whatever you need to do there's a million ways.

If you even Google my nine pass to cash, there's another YouTube video I did on nine pass to cash. Some of it is selling the old junk you didn't need, some it's working overtime, some it's asking people to pay you back who owe you,  some of it's going under a crowd funding- like jump starter or kick-starter, any kind of crowd funding campaign, they'll fund you to do something. Also, maybe you give them some hours or some services back, as a thank you for them funding your mission. There's lots of stuff. Just Google, crowd funding and that's a great way to start, especially if what you want to start has a big mission and purpose to it, crowd funding people will donate lots and lots of money to you and again usually give them something back to say thank you in some form. I don't know, may be a coaching session or consulting sessions or a product or service or something. There is an exchange.

Always be thinking, How can I? The next time you hear yourself say “no” or “I can't, until blank” or “I can't right now” What does that opportunity cost? What could you have done now? or What could you be doing? or having now, if you changed and done, What you want six months ago? And then what if you don't change today, you don't decide today, you don't do it today and find a way no matter what.

That's why I have payment programs, see if that works with your clients. What I’m going to do today, no matter what because what happens in six months probably nothing or will you be even worse off, in a lot of people if you do nothing different and nothing changes, are you going to be exact same in six months? Are you going to be okay with that first? Is that going to make it miserable? Or are you going to be worse off? Is it going to cost you a huge opportunity cost? So how can I and please never again and catch yourself when you say it “I can't until” or “When I, then” and “I can't right now”

If it makes sense to you, if you want it, if you know it's going to help- Do it. And realize it's just the fear talking, it's just the hesitation talking, and it’s just the imposter, the self-doubt talking. Why you say “I can't” because Where there is a will, there's a way. Trust me; I'm living proof of that. I have a lot of amazing clients that are living proof and they found a way to make it happen, they found a way to get their dreams to find the time, to find the money, to find the energy, to find the babysitter, to find the cash, to find the investors, to find someone to borrow from, to find the time, to create the time, there is a way if you have a will.

I get so passionate about this, that is my message for you today. Stop thinking I can't, until start thinking how can I? Good, screw it, let's do it, eff it, I'm going to do it, whatever the metaphor you want, just go do it. Take action make it up as you go. Like Sir Richard Branson says, we jump off the cliff and we'll build the airplane on the way down and that's how most successful people, business people, leaders and entrepreneurs work. If you wait for everything to be perfect, wait for everything to be right in your life, okay now I'm rolling in cash or I have so much time, I don't even know what to do with myself, there's no such thing. You're kidding yourself guys.

With love I wanted to have this real conversation, you're kidding yourselves. I want to see you guys win, I want to see everyone win. So start now, there's no time like the present, remember the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago the second best time to plant that tree is today. And the worst time is to wait another day until next time.

Hope this has been valuable. Feel free to comment until next time. Be powerful, take action, go after what you want, don't wait. Avoid waiting to be ready or perfect, have the enough money, and have enough time. Find it, you'll make it. Trust me that’s how the most successful people in the world do it. You find a way, you make a way; you find the time, you make the time; you find the money, you make the money; you find the opportunity, you make the opportunity to make things happen. So go out there make things happen. Find a way, think how can I? And if you want let's have a conversation. I'm happy to help you find a way. That's what I love to do.

Let's talk, let's have a conversation. Call me, talk to me. I'd love to help. Let's get you launching in the right direction now..

Till next time go have your best day ever thanks for joining :)