The worst decision you can make in work & life!

The worst decision you can make in work & life!

What is the worst decision? How does it dramatically limit your success and growth? Plus, what you need to do to be successful!

About the worst decision, you can make in business in personal in life and work you name it relationships and the worst decision you can make is wait for it, making no decision at all.

Why is it the worst decision you could make? Well first of all you fail by default because you never learn, you never grow, you never get feedback, nothing will ever be perfect first of all and when you want to move towards getting better. The only way to do it is -to do it you can't sit on creating a project or a report or a pitch or a conversation or an idea or anything you can't sit and just stew and think of it over and over and over and over and expect to get better and better or expect it to be perfect or expect it to be great .

We need to do something about it take action share with people ,give that pitch give that presentation ,take action .Talk to that person have that tough conversation you , we need to have engaged people enroll people ,call people talk to people for heaven forbid heaven's sakes have conversations put that post out there put that message out there.

Not making a decision is actually making a decision you're deciding not to win, you're deciding not to do anything you're deciding to sit and stagnate and remember there's never ever failure there's only feedback and growth in learning.

One of the best ways to learn is to do things and and you could call this testing instead of failure as well if you wanted. However it reminds me of a couple plaques I saw video the other day it was a plaque of three it said action then it said failure then it said success and that's a lot of times how it works.

Now ,yes! getting a mentor or coach or talking to someone who's done that before, that will shortcut the amount of time you spend ,the energy you spend, the money you spend , the heartaches things not working . The degree of failure or the amount of time you're failing or the number of times you fail engaging people ,engaging help yes that will minimize it .

However even with the most amazing mentors I've ever had - there's still testing, there's still failure ,there's still feedback ,just learning and growth so avoid being worried about failing if we thought about that when we were kids we never learned to ride a bike , so the worst decision is no decision because again literally you fail by default you don't get what you want you don't create what you want, you don't get feedback either from yourself or from others

What you did right ,what you did wrong and what you can do better next time how you can improve next time so the next time you need to make a decision .The best thing you have to do is make a decision it may not be the right one and maybe the wrong one avoid worrying, make a decision and stick with it and that is how the most successful people in the world have gotten there .They've made a decision and they've stuck with it they haven't backed down, they've gotten feedback.

Learning was the right decision was the wrong decision do we need to zig and zag a little bit do we need to tweak a few things right in the wizard of oz .The story of the wizard of oz Dorothy says to this cat, which way should I go and which path should I take in the cast the cat says to her where are you going and she said ,well I don't really know and the cat says well then whichever path you take it will get you there so know where you're going have a goal know where you want to go and then decide take action.

If you take the wrong path, you can always take the right path. It's the worst it's going to cost you a bit of time bit of money bit of energy ,there's no real failure there's only feedback and the only way you fail is by giving up short of your dreams or by never starting at all because you failed by default , that is why no decision is the worst decision of all so go take action do that pitch, ask for the raise, ask for the promotion, ask for the business, go talk to those clients call those clients, call those people have a tough talk in your relationship .

Ask someone out ask them for a date go talk to someone have a hard talk with friend ask a friend if they're okay ask if someone's okay do what you need to do stand up for yourself speak out contribute even if you think your idea may not be welcomed or people won't like your idea.

Maybe you think what if they think I'm dumb speak out anyways contribute people love contributors, even if they're not right all the time even if they're not perfect all the time the very act that you contribute will get you accolades and recognition so take action take some action any action and remember that fear cannot live in action once you start taking action you ever done this before.

You're like I don't know what I was so worried about this wasn't so hard this wasn't so bad or yeah this didn't work but I just changed it a bit or that didn't work perfectly I just tweaked this a bit . Usually it's way easier and way faster than we had been making up on our heads and procrastinating and catastrophizing. So take action take one action what is one action you know you really need to take that you really want to take. If you take it it'll change your life you're fearing you're worrying what's the right action ?what's the wrong action? The wrong action is to do nothing the right action is to do something and you will learn and thus you will grow and the next time you can do better.