The Reason You Can't Lose Weight

Today, let's talk about the mental reasons why we can't reduce weight...or why we keep gaining it.. There are several....since it's ALWAYS mind over matter.....which you already knew. After all, our bodies don't work themselves out, or choose what to eat...we have to be motivated to get to the gym and to feed our bodies the right foods....and a lot of times we are not....Curious yet as to why?

Your Mind - Your mind is the top success or failure factor when it comes to meeting your goals. It's truly a matter of mind over matter (grin). We often have negative self talk, we talk ourselves out of just about anything, and we have self-limiting beliefs or self-limiting decisions we make (ie: I'm just big boned, or "it's in my genes"...nope, sorry, it's your mindset, motivation and the other things below.)  Epigenetics studies have shown that it's only about 25% your genes - the rest is your environment (and mindset and nutrition). 

Your Fear and Anxiety - We often fear the unknown, or if we have failed at something before. Remember, there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. We fall off our bike, and as long as we get back on again, we eventually learn to ride. If we were to stop after the first time we fell off our bikes, how many of us could actually ride today? Right, about zero people.. People say, "I'll do it when I'm ready...later, when this happens, when I'm x..." and it never happens. Here's another secret - you're never truly ready until you DO IT.  The owner of Nike had 7 closed businesses previously, and he's pretty successful now. Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group) was turned down by hundreds of banks before getting funding to what is now a huge empire.

Your support system - You are who you hang out with/spend the most time with. Statistics show you are a reflection of the top 5-6 people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely!  Want to be rich? Start hanging out with people who have very successful businesses/positions. Want to be active (especially in the winter?) Start hanging out with active people!  Want to be healthy? Start hanging out with healthy/fit people. Or, get a coach!

Your reasons (read: excuses) - Ahem, I needed to put this one in....coming from a caring place here folks: we all have our reasons/excuses why we can't have something or get something and we need to realize when we are purely sabotaging what we want. Have reasons not to go to the gym? Forget them and go. Have reasons not to approach/ask out someone you like? Forget them and approach with a smile.  Have reasons not to ask for a raise/promotion? Forget them and think of a time you were extremely confident. Then, take all those good feelings and emotions with you as you march in to your boss's office - or speak with some of the executives in your company. 

Your patience - Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was a healthy body, a successful business, a great relationship, and so forth. Realize that things don't often come overnight, however use resources to help you get there faster (and less expensively!) ; ask a successful friend, find a mentor, hire a coach who specializes in what you want to achieve. And go easy on yourself as well - every single step gets you closer to your goal.

Your commitment - Decide, and stick to your decision. The fence is a very painful place to sit. Whether you are right or wrong, you will find out by deciding and taking action. And either way, you will learn for next time too! Deciding is how we learn, progress, and move towards our goals - and/or course correct along the way.

Your diet - Of course diet is huge here. I used to be a typical male, and figure "I can just go burn it off in the gym." Well, it doesn't really work that way in real life. I worked out for 2 hours a day and was in the worst shape of my life due to my horrible diet. 

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