The Reason Why You Are Putting Off Investing In Yourself

The Reason Why You Are Putting Off Investing In Yourself

The Reason Why You Are Putting Off Investing In Yourselfu

Have you ever thought about the reason you are putting off investing in yourself, your future, personal development, taking courses or taking action especially when we know that it is going to have a big effect on our success? The answer is usually fear, the fear of failure. It makes you think that even if you invest time, money and effort, it will not work out. So just be really honest with yourself and be real because you can either have results or you have reasons, there is nothing else. Ifou have excuses, you have story and most of our stuff is all story while we do something or can't do something or haven't done something, it's all story. We are doing that just to protect our ego and protect ourselves from getting hurt. So how can you stop putting things off and actually start taking action ?

Get organized, have a vision about what you want. Think about what is it that you actually want versus I want more success, more money, a better relationship etc. What is that because if it's abstract, it is not very effective in leading and motivating you and helping you get past fears. Understand what specifically do you want and have a vision as to when you want it, who do you want to have it with and who do you want to be. The next step is to elminate distractions, whether its food, booze, working extra hard. Workaholics work to avoid something. When we are scared or uncomfortable, our brain run away and shut down from doing those things. So we have to parent our inner child, our fear and say "no, we are doing this or yes, we are doing this". Keep priorities and set your goals too because people can very easily pull us off goals. Goals are specific and measurable and there is a time frame so it doesn't take the rest of your life to achieve the goals. Therefore, set deadlines. Forgive yourself and avoid being too hard on yourselves if you screw up. However, be aware enough to call yourself on. Remember that there are rewards and consequences and either hold yourself accountable or have other people that are holding you accountable too. Find something that is a bit of a consequence that's going to keep you on the straight and narrow. Very often, money works very well because people don't like to lose money and they will get it done, they will win.

Have a mentor, put their picture up on the wall and write - Is this how 'that person' would behave? Is this how they would act because that's how they would behave and that's a great question to ask yourself. If the answer is no, then stop doing it or start doing what you want to do. Ask yourself if this is really who you want to be. Stop think that you might fail and that people will laugh at you. Find people that want you to do well and and they will help you if you fall. They will pick you up, inspire you and motivate you to do things or take action.

Make your goal and your vision so big and so powerful that it will take you past the fear and create that passion. Get clear on what you want andte awesome things that are going to happenand what you can do and who you can be when you have it. Also, think about what is the cost of opportunity if you dont have it. It's a great way to motivate you and get you on track.