The best anti-aging formula there is

Recently, a study at McMaster university found that “in mice, regular exercise has been shown to stave off and reverse the signs of early aging. The mice’s fur did not grey and they did not develop furrows and wrinkles. Even in older mice, exercise was able to reverse signs of aging, and have rejuvenating effects on tissue and reproductive potential.” Of course, mice aren’t humans. However, “McMaster followed up their mice study with a small human trial and it found that the group who exercised and ate better were found to have more youthful skin composition regardless of age.” The study also showed that the rejuvenative changes happened to people later in life as well.” My own father also had this experience as after changing his diet and exercise; he has lost weight, looks and feels younger, stronger, and his face is more youthful and his skin is more taught as well!

For those with a thirst for knowledge, here are some reasons why this happens:

  1. Eating better (especially more lean, healthy protein) supplies your body with the raw ingredients needed for the proteins for healthy, youthful, ageless skin
  2. Eating better and proper exercise helps tighten your muscles (all your muscles) and reduces the amount of fat and weight on your skin, so your muscles can hold it up, rather than fat weighing it down
  3. Eating processed foods and excess sugars causes excess free radicals in your body which cause rapid aging, disease, fatigue and generally poor health
  4. Eating vegetables and fruits (preferably organic) contain antioxidants which will actually protect your body from free radicals, keeping you younger longer, and even turning back time
  5. Eating healthy fats will also help tighten and moisturize your skin, since fat is the primary part of your cell’s membranes – in fact, if you have dry skin around your mouth and nose area, you are likely omega-3 deficient
  6. And if you needed another reason to stay hydrated, this keeps your skin supple, soft, and elastic

One last thing; use cosmetics with natural coconut oil, avocado oil, and other natural bases, rather than petrolium-based cosmetics. This will keep you younger longer, and will avoid depositing chemicals like xeno-estrogens into your body; another cause of aging, poor physical symptoms and weight gain. And yes, xeno-estrogens are as nasty as they sound!

Until next time, go have your best week ever!