Most People Are Still Wearing Masks From Halloween!!

  • Do you want to have better relationships?
  • Do you want to have more clients/career opportunities?
  • Do you want to have people trust you more?
  • Do you want to be your real self – and be happy?

Many people these days are hiding their true selves – but why? Is it fear? Judgement? Trust?  Are they hiding something?

People are very good BS detectors these days – and can unconsciously/intuitively sense when something is off. If you are hiding something – lack confidence - or don’t trust yourself , etc. (there are many permutations)  - they will “detect it” unconsciously. People sense this. Sometimes they will even “know” it!  And, they won’t trust you either. It’s like radar! You know that gut feeling you get? Your intuition?  It works on several levels and is often a reason why we have trouble attracting the people we want, the money we want, the clients we want, and the success we want in our lives.

It’s something that had kept me stuck and frustrated for years before -  not having the relationships I wanted, the career I wanted, the clients I wanted, and the life I wanted.  Now I do – and you can too!   Think about it - would you let a stranger in your house who was wearing a mask, if their car was broken and they asked to use the phone? Probably not. However, would you let a stranger in your house to use the phone if you could see/feel/hear intuitively that they did not pose a threat? Probably!  Same thing goes for human interaction.

Think about someone you know who is super-macho simply because they do not want to show their feelings or appear vulnerable or “weak.” Or, perhaps think about a person you know who might seem cold, overly dominant,  or controlling, maybe simply because they are actually shy/self-conscious??? Many people who try to walk over other people, and step on other people to gain x,y or z, simply don’t know any other way to do it. This materializes in various forms in all of us, in different ways, in different situations. From trouble dating, trouble attracting clients, trouble getting a job you want, and having the health you want….

So how do you get to what you want? Find a tour guide to help you start your journey, and keep you accountable too!  Where do you find one of those?  Call me for a complimentary transformation jump start session.  Or, come to come one of my upcoming seminars.