Master Your Mind and Make An Impact With Leadership Coaching

Master Your Mind and Make An Impact With Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching will expand your sphere of influence and drastically increase your confidence. The executive coaching services and leadership training offered here empower leaders to engage their teams by empowering themselves first.

James R. Elliot is a board-designated and certified leadership coach offering training and coaching services to leaders who:

·         Need to discuss personal issues that might be affecting their work and their teams.

·         Want to get promoted but are worried about not being able to stand out or show their unique value.

·          Want to be able to better and more confidently lead their teams.

·         Feel they aren’t getting the respect as well as the recognition they deserve.

·         Are overwhelmed and highly stressed, or worry excessively about self-worth, metrics, employee performance and the imposter syndrome.

James R. Elliot has the experience and credentials to make a difference. His struggles and personal journey have resulted in a personal transformation that can help struggling executives. James is also an international best-selling author,  leadership trainer and professional public speaker.

 The leadership coaching can help individuals leverage the strategies and secrets that captains of industry, elite influencers and top leaders use. These include:

·         A personal on-boarding call with James to determine exactly what you need and where you want to go.

·     Mastering your mind and putting it to work for you, including achieving high levels of focus and productivity.

·     Ways to motivate your team, and manage up through the leadership hierarchy.

·     Secrets of building rapport, trust and credibility.

·      Kicking self-doubt and imposter syndrome to the curb.

·         Available supplementary group trainings with Globally recognized accreditations and certifications

·        Monthly community nights. These virtual meetings allow you to network and ask questions while you are optimizing your skills.

If you are looking to be influential and enhance your team’s performance, his specialized system of Leadership Coaching will work well for you. The comprehensive leadership coaching  training sessions offered will help you get recognized for your team management, contributions and your work. You’ll be an effective leader when it comes to coaching and mentoring your team. 

Setting up your team for success starts when you get in touch with James. The training offered provides executives with the tools they need to handle employee churn, animosity and conflicts.

NLP leadership training starts with a call to make sure that you are a good fit for these sessions. After that, the process begins by going over the customized options that are suited to you.

Interested in unleashing your true potential as an executive? James has developed a proven system incorporating strategies and actionable training. Get in touch with him by phone, email or through the convenient tab on his website today.