When things are hard, when things are frustrating, when things are stopping you, see it'll take effort to be successful, it takes effort to succeed, but it shouldn't necessarily be hard.

Things will take yes hard work “it'll take a lot of effort sometimes or sometimes not as much effort as you think” however if something is hard for you then there's something else going on.

It's pretty powerful and if something is very hard for you, you're working towards something and you're not achieving it, you're not getting there, it's taking so long if the things aren't happening for you, you're falling backwards or you're just thinking you're saying why is this not working? Why is this so hard? What am i doing wrong? What is going on???

First of all you're asking yourself the wrong question! You're asking instead of what I’m doing wrong? What do I need to do? What should I be doing? What will help me? I've already made another video on that, so check that one out.

I want to talk in this section about when things are hard, most people think- let's say sales are hard oh i need some more sales courses; the marketing is hard oh i need to hire some more marketers, buy some more marketing; maybe not when the client conversations are hard or people seeing your value is hard or maybe you're having trouble because you're procrastinating or not taking action or you're defocused when things are hard.

Something most people don't think about or realize when things are hard it's usually actually something inside you versus outside you something within. It could be your mindset, it could be limiting beliefs, it could be the baggage from life, it could be our past programming about what we can or can't do, or what we should or shouldn't do, or what a good boy or a good man or good woman or good girl does, or one should do right and maybe it's even a lack of belief in within, maybe it's the imposter syndrome, maybe it's the voice in your head.

Think for a second what does your inner voice or your monkey in your head say to you most often you're not good enough, you're not worth it, people won't hire you, they won't buy from you, what are they saying? What are those monkeys in your head saying? That doubting voices, what does it say to you?

YOU need to get rid of that, because when you're having a conversation with someone- trying to sell them, to talk to them about what you do, to enroll them, to sign them up, to influence them, to persuade them to buy from you or to hire you or to work with you or to whatever with you if that voice is carrying on in your head you're going to display that in your body language.

People hear all our unresolved stuff unconsciously, so it's all subconscious and that is what happens. I mean language really is a huge part of body language. Language is only about 7% words and about 20%-25% pitch and tonality, the rest is body language, the rest is physiology. So our bodies often you know exhibiting and telling our tale of what's going on in our head right and you see this for people who are nervous, they're shifty, they're not confident themselves or maybe they do they talk the talk but you're like there's just something I don't know something about them I just don't trust or I don't know or I don't really want to buy from them

In the same case for you right what is going on inside if you don't like your inside, change the outside; and if you don't like the outside change what's going on inside and that's my message to you today.

This is what I do, I help people, I teach these amazing breakthrough transformational courses to help you do this breakthrough and get past what's not working for you. Some of my favorite tools to use are Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), timeline therapy, creating your future and my own power process to get rid of negative emotions, fear, doubt, fear of the future, fear of failure, imposter syndrome.

My invitation to you is look at what's not working on the inside, what are those doubts, what are those limiting beliefs or those patterns, what are those habits you're doing automatically without even really thinking about it and all of a sudden you're like oh i just blew that again or I just sabotaged that again, I just bailed on what I wanted again. Think about that and what are the voices in your head what is that monkey saying to you and if you're saying yourself what voice? Or what monkeys?? Well, those ones are the ones that tell you you're not good enough or you can't do something, you're not worth it or you're powerless or they'll never hire you, they don't want to buy from you, they don't see your value, you're not good enough, etc. Whatever it is that is the thing. So I wanted to leave you with that and if you're interested, check out my next training course it's https://unleashyourpower.com/training

What I want you to do is go there check it out, there's even a free book you can download.

Check out my next upcoming transformational NLP breakthrough event. It'll change your life and your career and your business. My next course is on November 12th I promise it'll rock your world but in the meantime just check in with yourself and think, what do i have to change? What is going on in the inside such that it's not working on the outside? Because it shouldn't be hard it should take effort. Yes time and energy, sure but if something's really really hard and it's not working for you and you're running up against a wall you're banging your head against the wall or you're doing and doing and trying and working and it's not working and you're not successful it's something within you, it's something in your subconscious mind, it's holding you back.

I invite you to take a look at your thoughts, step back and look your thoughts, your behaviors, your pattern, your mindset, look at that and see what might be limiting you those beliefs or fears or worries and then let's have a conversation.

Let's look at what doesn't work and totally shift and transform that for you. I've helped hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of entrepreneurs and business people take what they do to a whole new level, get past those subconscious blocks and just everything becomes easier, faster, better. You still need to work for it however it shouldn't be hard, it shouldn't be stressful, you shouldn't be moving backwards when you're putting all this effort in it, it shouldn't have burnout, if you're burning yourself you're doing it the wrong way. There's something in you blocking you. So let's stop it.https://unleashyourpower.com/training

Until next time go have your best week ever…..:)