How to get outside and enjoy the summer weather in our busy lives

Go out for a walk or speed walk on lunch and eat at your desk afterwards while you work – you will burn off the calories you eat at lunch from your walk/speed walk, and you won’t crash after lunch – you will have MORE energy in the afternoon!

Ditto for this one; Go to the gym on lunch and eat at your desk afterwards while you work!

Go for a walk to get your meal if you don’t usually bring one to work (I definitely encourage bringing your own lunch and snacks to work! It saves money and time!). But, try to go to a lunch place a fair distance away so you get a great walk, and have a reason to go on the walk in the first place! It’s a great way to trick yourself into getting exercise at lunch!

Don’t have “time” to take time off at lunch? MANY studies, old and new, show that if you actually take breaks during the day you will be far more effective and efficient at work – and won’t be burning yourself out – versus working through breaks/lunches. So, taking breaks AND working smarter/more effectively, and getting the work done sooner? Sounds good to me!!!

Get outside with your family in the evening – play a game, a sport, go for a walk, to the park, for a hike – it’s a great way to stay active and to have fun and bond with your family!

If you’re single, go on an activity date – it will be more fun, more memorable, and you will have better chemistry on doing something active; going for a walk, for a rollerblade, a hike, play a sport. This really gets your endorphins going, and makes the date a lot more memorable! You will definitely stand out by suggesting/doing this idea!

Family or friends don’t want to get outside? Join a meet up group on – there are TONS of different meet up groups with many different group themes – socializing, rock climbing, running, walking, dating, camping, hiking, I could go on and on……

Volunteer – you’re helping others, being active, and feeling great about a cause you support!  

Get a pet (that walks!). This way, you HAVE to be active each and every day.

Get out and meet/spend time people who have the same goals as you – just like as in business, you are who you hang out with! Want to be active, fit, healthy and have tons of energy? Hang out with people like that and you will quickly transform into who you want to be. You will also have a great support system as well! Your friend who likes to sit inside and watch TV all day may not be the greatest motivator- but make sure  to try to get them outside with you! J

PLAN free time – I used to make this mistake, not plan time off, and worked  7 days a week and burned myself out. Put your free time on your calendar and stick to it. You aren’t going to be useful/effective at your job, managing your family, and at anything else if you are burnt out. PLAN to have time off, instead of just fitting it in, or it usually won’t happen. And remember, time off each day and each week makes you more effective – at everything!