How to communicate effectively: the meaning of communication is the response you get!

How to communicate effectively: the meaning of communication is the response you get!

I want to talk about communication today. Why it often doesn’t work or doesn’t have the desired results, or why people don’t get what we mean. They don’t understand us. And thus, they won’t hire us or do business with us or buy from us, right? And in NLP terms, and the stream of NLP, we say the meaning of communication is the response you get. So, really, the meaning of what you said is the response you get. If you get a “ha?" or “aha” or “I don’t understand” or “aha” when the nodding when people clearly don’t understand or “I don’t understand” or “I don’t get it” or “I can’t see it”.

Whatever response you get- eyebrows raising, one eyebrow, whatever it is, that is the meaning that you’ve given them.

So, often times we think, oh someone’s dumber or why do they not get this or why are they not understand us? Remember that different people have different communication styles. They have different learning styles. Some people learn well visually by looking at something. Some people learn better, auditorily by listening to something or talking about it. Some people learn better by experience, by being taken through something, or by being able to touch or have a tactile experience. Some people learn better by having lots and lots of data and information and speeds and feeds and they can’t get it or understand or see or hear or feel the value or what you’re getting at, unless you’re delivering it in a certain way. Some people learn best by having lots of chunks of information sent to them. Some people just want high-level, little chunks of information spoon fed to them at a time and often that’s how they learn faster, they communicate best.

A lot of CEOs or business leaders are like this because they don’t need to know everything or all the facts or details. They just need to know the gist of it and then a bit of information, bit of support to make a decision. Further still, some people are more interested in the “why”? Let’s think why should I care? I’m a big why guy. I don’t need to know all the facts but why are we doing this? Why should we do this? Why should we take action? Why should I buy from you? Why should I do this or invest in this? Some people are what? They want to know all about the process. Some people are “what if”? Some people are “how”? people.

And so hope what you’re getting from this today is that different people communicate different ways.

Now if you’d like to understand a lot more about that and take a communication to a whole new level because statistically you’re missing 60-80% of the people you communicate with your message. 60 to 80%. And that’s due to a lot of the reasons I just listed. Different learning styles, different communication styles, different chunk sizes, information chunk sizes. Do they want a lot of info at once? So they want bits and pieces and bite sizes at once. Are they caring more about the why? Are they caring more of the how or what? And on and on.

If you want to learn more about that let’s talk. That’s one of the big things I teach people, with my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) courses. That’s one of the things I do and helping you be way more effective at what you do and communicate because that is going to take your game to a whole new level and people are going to see why they want to hire you. See why they want to buy it from you. They’ll hear your value. They’ll understand. They’ll get it. They’ll make sense of what you’re trying to communicate. They’ll feel that what you’re trying to communicate is a value or of interest and you’ll see them lean in, you’ll see them perk up and pay attention to you whether you’re trying to sell them or get hired or enrol them and speak to them, convince them, persuade someone to do something.

So, communication, the meaning of communication is the response you get. So, take responsibility to make sure that gets to them the correct way and that they understand it. They hear it. They see it. They feel it versus just saying something or communicating something, contributing something, and just leaving it up for them to interpret and to get and to make sense of. We have the responsibility, you know, at our end of the loop so to speak to make sure that they get it and make sure they’ve heard us and understood us and seen our point, felt our value.

So, be conscious of that and if they’re not getting it, say something, respond, act. Hey, you know, hey, I want to make sure this is clear or does that make sense to you? You know, this is something you understand or you know, tell me what you’re hearing. You know, give me your thoughts on what I’ve said to you and you know, what do you think of this? What are you seeing? How does this look? What are you getting from this? Tell me about your thoughts on this or tell me about your understanding of this and that way, they can repeat back to you and you know whether they’ve got it or whether they don’t get it because we’re responsible. If we’re the ones communicating, we’re responsible to make sure they get it and especially if you’re in sales or trying to get higher or get a client or sell something, then, you should darn well make sure that they get it. Otherwise, they’re not going to buy it from you. They’re not going to refer to you. They’re not going to hire you, not do business with you.

So, the meaning of communication is the response you get. Are you getting the response you want? And if not, then it likely means your communication hasn’t gone across effectively. So, try different ways. Use different media. Try speaking. Try showing them something. Try working them through it. Walking them through something. Taking them through something. Give shorter bits of information or give bigger bits information. Give them the big why? Okay, this is the big picture or if you’ve done that and there’s still not going to get down into more of the details or maybe go a little more laterally.

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Be responsible for your communication making sure that it’s effective and it goes across well and I promise you, it’s going to change everything in your life. And you can change that number from 20% of the people really hearing you and getting a message to 100%. You can take steps forward and to closer to everyone hearing your message and what’s that going to do to your life, your work, your career, relationships, and people actually get the communication that you are trying to get across.

Until next time. Go have your best day ever…