Instantly Charismatic How to Charm and Attract Effortlessly

Instantly Charismatic How to Charm and Attract Effortlessly

How to be instantly charismatic, charming and attractive to others

You need to be charismatic, charming and attractive to others, so you can take everything you do to a whole new level, your relationships, your work, your play, whatever it is you want. And in order to be instantly charismatic and charming, first thing you have to do is ask people questions and care about the answers. You should actually be present.

Ask questions and see what they are interested in. You should be interested, versus trying to be interesting yourself. People love talking about themselves. And they will go on and on and have all these good feelings inside when they're talking about their passion. So here are a few things you can ask when you're talking to them. Things to discuss like location, let's say you're at a bar or a club, or meeting, a conference or whatever. Then you can talk about the location. “What do you think of the class we're taking?” or “What do you think of the bar”, etc. Another thing to ask about is their passion because that is something people love to talk about. Another thing to talk about is fond childhood memories – “What are some of the best learnings of your life or one of the biggest periods in your life?”.

You need to be yourself and be excited and have that passion. You have to be passionate instead of worrying about being interesting. There is a psychological term called transference and countertransference. It's what others will feel what we feel and we feel what others will feel. So, if you talk passionately, then that energy will come across. Talk passionately and share your why with them.

So just be present. Be interested in them, instead of being interesting and ask them great questions about their passions, hobbies, things that light them up etc. And just be yourself. Be authentic and open and be vulnerable, because you wouldn't believe how much vulnerability will help us authentically connect with people in this weak watered-down world we live where people are trying to please people. If you're authentic and caring and are genuinely interested in them and help them, things will change and you will instantly be charismatic and confident and caring and people will resonate with you. They will want to work with you or do business with you or hire you or maybe even date you. Things will take a turn when you become charismatic, confident and attractive to others.