Feel Like You're Stuck On A Treadmill? Or Maybe An Elevator? Or A Running Track?

Feel Like You're Stuck On A Treadmill? Or Maybe An Elevator? Or A Running Track?

Feel Like You're Stuck On A Treadmill? Or MaybeAn Elevator? Or A Running Track?

We all get stuck in our lives. I actually had this thought when I was stuck in an elevator - it's a metaphor for life because everyone gets or feels stuck sometimes it's important to have great folks in your life, great mentors to pull you out of things. When we get stuck sometimes ,it's like being on a treadmill or being in an elevator that says it's going up but it's not right or we think things are going up but that's actually not. So I thought let this experience of mine be a lesson for you ,if you feel like your life is the same and mundane, you're not progressing or you're not getting anywhere in your work, business, career, your relationships, take a look at some of the things that need to change. Think about anything that you may want to do different this year to make it better than any year. Then, you have to face the fears and it is the one thing that I have embraced and it's been a major change in my life. Just be careful not to put up with life and say "oh it's fine or life's okay or it's not that bad or all the grass is always green on the other side"

Think about what you really want in your life in the next few years and whether you are willing to get it, but when you commit to do anything to get yourself, you must be willing to be uncomfortable. You are going to push past fear ,push past the worry of what people think about you. There's no failure, only feedback and there's only learning - you either win or you grow, that's the only thing that can happen unless you don't do it and then you fail by default if you don't take action. So avoid taking all your great ideas to the grave with you. If you take action and do it fully, it's very likely to succeed especially when you have mentors. Its been nine years having my own business and taking care of my health, my relationship, attracting better clients, people, friends in my life. It's all because of the changes i've done and being willing to to look bad or fail and being willing to learn.

Life's about learning so take action and do we want this year instead of being stuck in an elevator and doing the same things over and over. We are not here to toil and work our lives away doing things we don't enjoy but to have an amazing life.  When you push through the difficulties, there's a massive breakthrough on the other side and then you turn around and you're like ' oh oh that was actually pretty easy!'.

We will have stuff happen to us for the rest of our lives but the thing is to roll the punches and use it as ammo, use it as rocket fuel use it to propel you because i truly believe that , no matter what happens what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger even if it does hurt physically ,mentally and emotionally. Stop being the victim and take responsibility because it's not your fault or anyone's fault for that matter however ,we do have responsibility if we want to be happy again and improve and overcome the things we need to overcome.

Live an amazing life and and find out what makes you happy and go do it, avoid the fear or the worry because the cost is too great. Write down all the thingsof what's going to happen, what's not going to happen, how's life going to get worse because it works very well to motivate you.

Half the path to success is never giving up. I am reminded of something that Stephen Covey said- "Really persistence and never giving up is the reason some of the most successful people in the world are successful."