Energy and Stress Tips for Back to School And Back To Work

Would you like some tips on beating stress, fatigue, and increasing energy?

These are some of the top tips which really resonated with people from my seminar last night. These are quick, easy, and often tasty:

Drink MORE water - A  2% decrease in water creates a 20% decrease in performance. Scientifically proven! Look at it this way, if I had a magic "pill" with no side effects that could increase your performance, would you take it?   The magic pill is water! 3L a day for men and about 2.8L a day for water, (adjusted slightly depending upon your size.) In fact, increasing your hydration (coffee and black tea don't count!) helps just about every area of your body and health.

4-7-8 - This is a breathing technique that actually works - and wow, does it ever work! Try it, even once...try it right now in fact! Inhale over 4 seconds. Then, hold your breath for 7 seconds. Then, exhale slowly over 8 seconds. Even once will have a profound impact on your relaxation!


•Lavender tea - helps you relax

•Lemon balm (aka Melissa) - great for relaxation, and when you are sick as well, as it is anti-microbial. (This is not lemon tea, it's Lemon Balm...)

•Passion flower - great for a racing mind either during the day, or if it's preventing you from sleeping/concentrating!

•Decaf green tea - great to relax you. (Caffeinated green tea actually gives you a sustained boost, vs a quick boost and then crash like coffee.)

•Chamomile - a mild relaxant, great when combined with lavender for an even more relaxing effect. In fact, you will often find a combination lavender and chamomile tea since they work even better together. Chamomile also helps stimulate digestion when taken 20-30 minutes before meals.

•Kava tea - It has been said that Kava tea can be like taking a valium without all the side effects. Of course, the degree to which it can totally zone you out and relax you depends on the person, and how much you take. 

•Valerian tea - One of my favorite teas to help people relax and sleep. Very powerful so I don't usually recommend it during the day.

•Holy Basil - This is my favorite tea to help people simmer down a bit, reduce anxiety, and at the same time increase their energy levels! Sound too good to be true? Try it!  And, since it's from the basil family, and is actually food, it doesn't have side effects like drugs, caffeine, etc.

Herbs: There are many, many great herbs that are very safe and very effective for decreasing stress, increasing energy, and helping with just about every ailment. Because there are so many, and they can be confusing, and there are different ones for specific concerns, let's have a conversation about which ones may be best for you!

Make it a great day!

James Elliot