DON'T believe health-sabotaging myths!

DON'T believe those health-sabotaging myths that are out there!!!

They are simply not true and will stop your success in it's tracks!

There sure are a lot of myths out there.

These include:

  1. You have to work out for 20 minutes before you start burning fat
  2. Walking isn't good exercise
  3. Low fat will help you lose weight
  4. Watching 'calories' will help you lose weight, stay fit, and be healthy
  5. You need to do lots of cardio exercise to be fit and healthy
  6. It's hard to exercise at home or the office
  7. I can't exercise with my kids or family around
  8. You have to exercise for a long time for it to be beneficial

These myths simply aren't true - and many of them are only true if you believe them. It's up to you! Many of us get in our own way with our own success - whether it's in life, healthy, relationships or business.   

Whether it's health, business, life, etc., that you wan to succeed in, often it's simply taking action, taking that first step, that gets you on your path to success.

So what is the best way to get out of your own way? How do you take that first step when there is fear, apprehension, or doubt? What is the best and fastest path to success in life, health, career and relationships? Let's connect and talk!

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