5 crucial keys to increasing the amount of money you make!

I'll keep this blog post nice and short - as often you can say a lot with a little words. I've found these to be super successfulf or me! 

Number 1 - optimize your physical environment around you and the people you spend the most time with

Number 2 - master your mindset - what negative self-talk do you tell yourself? What monkeys are on your back telling you that you can't do it, Etc?

Number 3 - work on your skills and work on yourself just as much as you work on your business. Trust me, I'm living proof that this will get you to way over 6 figures and WELL Beyond! Ask yourself - what skills do I need? Where is the gap in what I know to what I need (If you need assistance seeing this, a great mentor will be an incredible investment!). Is it a gap in resources, like finding suppliers, contractors, sales people or virtual assistants?

Number 4 - clarify your desired direction. Where are you now and where do you want to go? AVOID non-starting and AVOID worrying about exactly how to get there; even a pilot doesn't fly a straight course from one city to another. They are always course correcting for wind, weather, turbulence, other planes, Etc.

Number 5 - create a strategy and a plan. There's that old saying that says if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Things will never go exactly according to plan however it gives you a direction to start in and to know roughly what you need to do next.

Want to learn a whole bunch more, or get started on your journey? Need some accountability? Need the know-how? Want to get the monkeys out of your head and the gremlin off your back, that tell you that you can't do it, or it won't work, that you're not good enough or smart enough? How much is it costing you monthly, or even yearly, in time or money or energy not to be where you want to be? Chances are, it's HUGE. Time to take action and Unleash Your Power!

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