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“The far-reaching effects of my Breakthrough with James are still resonating in my life. We worked together for a brief period of time and shortly after I've seen great changes in my relationships and improvement in my communication. Now, I can honestly express my emotions and be completely present without hanging on to past experiences that have influenced my behavior in the past. The most significant impact I've experienced thus far is how I feel about myself and that I now take care of myself every day. I used to ignore my needs and make excuses, now I feel in control and responsible for the positive changes I have made in my life. Working with James was fun, quick and easy but most importantly I felt the results immediately.”


James is a:

Board Designated Master Life Coach and NLP Trainer
Board Designated Hypnosis Trainer
Board Designated TLT/CYF Master Practitioner
Board Designated Holistic Nutritionist
Certified Exercise and Sports Nutritionist
Motivational and NLP coach
Professional Public Speaker
Former Certified Personal Trainer


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