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Become a Life Coach in Ottawa

Ottawa NLP Training

If you are looking for a power breakthrough and a life-changing transformation, consider Ottawa NLP training. James R. Elliot is a master coach with certifications who can help you establish and reach your goals. The skills and techniques he teaches can help you with outstanding results.

James is skilled at getting you to a fulfilled career and lifestyle in the most efficient quickest way. His credentials and 20 years of experience have help individuals and managers around the world.

Ottawa NLP Coaching Certification

The tools and techniques taught increase focus and productivity for managers and employees both. If you’re looking to bump up your sales numbers and customer retention statistics, Ottawa NLP coaching is the answer.

Take a look at the list of clients who have used these techniques and benefited. They include individuals and companies you know and trust. James R. Elliot is available to speak on several different topics including how managers can become more influential.

Other topics include the creation of accountability and performance. He has helped clients find their purpose, passion and power. These people in turn reach new levels of success through coaching techniques and seminars.

Ottawa Life Coaching Certification

Establishing and attaining personal goals is another one of the benefits to Ottawa life coaching. Creating connections and real relationships with people inside and outside of work is possible with the tools and techniques taught here.

Call today, or submit a contact form. You’ll be headed down the path to managing any depression and anxiety that has been controlling your life and overwhelming you.

This type of coaching works in both business and personal settings. It’s even beneficial for speakers, trainers and teachers looking to make a bigger impact on their audiences.

Mastering the connection between the mind and body so you can experience major development personally are other goals you can reach.

Ottawa Executive Coaching Certification

Expanding your skill set so you’ll get better results and more income is the bottom line of Ottawa executive coaching.

Managers looking to help employees and others achieve positive outcomes and changes should get in touch. Submitting a contact form will put you on the road to a coaching certification where you will learn how to find clients and boost your sales.

Choose from a variety of different certification training programs. Whether you decide on the three day, five-day or eight-day versions, you’ll discover what’s been holding you back from success.

Ottawa Leadership Training And Certification

The hallmark of a great leader is their confidence. With the Ottawa leadership training and certification, James propels you to dive within and overcome your doubts and fears.

James encourages you to step out of a cynical mindset by helping you gain confidence in yourself. The Ottawa leadership training and certification paves the path for your improved performance as a leader.

With this program, you will feel bold and strong enough to handle crisis situations. You’ll also be able to become a better listener and help with team disengagement.

Improve your performance management, team delegation and networking skills with this program!

Ottawa Leadership Coaching

The Ottawa leadership coaching is designed to offer support to business owners or business leaders who want to become strong leaders.

This program helps you cultivate effective communication skills, which is essential for any leader’s success.

James has a problem-solving approach to leadership and inculcates a similar attitude within the people he works with.

With the Ottawa leadership coaching program, you will become more efficient in your communication.

You will also become more aware of your team’s needs, improve team engagement and performance, and increase the overall employee productivity.
Gain recognition for your contributions by completing this comprehensive leadership coaching program!

Studies show that with the right coaching and accountability, people are 76.7 times more likely to get to their goals!


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