NLP Course Daily Highlights(For A Detailed Syllabus, Please Click Here)
Days:four-day "Weekend” #1:1 Introduction to how our brain and subconscious mind works (so we can take charge of it!), strategic decision making, recipe for transformation, being an amazing leader, key negotiation process, how to let go of the fears that stop us “Hypnosis tools for BUSINESS” (curious yet? 😊 ).
2 Learning how other people are mirrors to our problems, fears, worries, and things we need to work on, getting learnings from what frustrates us about other people, ways to look at life, people, problems and our vendors/teams/employees differently – and more effectively, reading body language part 1, effective leadership part 1.
3 COMMUNICATION – why we struggle, what we need to do to powerfully communicate and articulate ourselves, building trust, rapport, credibility and authority, developing better questions that lead to better results, asking the right questions the right way, how to stop a behavior that is not helpful, easily start liking things you want to do more, and stop liking the things that pull you away from success, tools to resolve conflict and animosity in business and personal relationships.
4 Learning how to feel “on” or amazing, when you need to be, even when you don’t feel like it, learn how to get prospects in a great place mentally and emotionally, learn how to be instantly confident and powerful for great results with clients and presentations, eliminating things that bother you in life, body language reading part 2.
-three day break-
four-day “Weekend” #2:
5 looking at how to quickly eliminate destructive or distracting habits, and adopt new, positive habits, looking at the subconscious beliefs that limit us, learn how to become aligned and congruent when “part of me wants this” or “part of me thinks or feels that” – in order to end procrastination, hesitation, or feeling stuck, looking at the things in our head, that negative voice, and why we hold ourselves back – and how to shift and change this!
6 Looking at limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, self-hypnosis to program yourself with your goals, and what it is you want – so it happens almost automatically, how to metaphor clients so they really “understand you” and “get your value/credibility”, how overcome client objections, beliefs, doubts or limited mindset with reframing processes.
7 Sales part 1, hypnosis for business & sales part 2, The “power process” system to eliminate your fears, worries, anxiety, fear of failure, imposter syndrome and self-doubt in any given situation or instance in the future – when you need to perform, effective leadership part 2.
8 Sales part 2, client enrollment & engagement, leadership, mentoring, coaching, tools, training and processes (sales and customer enrollment processes are also taught throughout the course)
Click here for a partial syllabus for the course with more tools explanations...
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Who Should Learn These Tools, That Most Of The Worlds Most Successful People Have Also Been Trained In?
Entrepreneurs: - Become highly influential, highly persuasive, stand out, and have people really hear you, get what you do, see your value and feel that you're a great fit! Make an impact in the world, grow your business, make more money, and do more of what you love.
Salespeople: Communicate way more effectively so you get the sale (and the referrals) and really stand out! Establish instant rapport and deep trust with people, so they do business with you.
Coaches: (personal, business, relationship or educational coaches) use NLP to help their participants achieve greater and faster results.
Leaders: Become highly influential - you will learn the toolsets, strategies and skillsets of some of the most influential people in the world have. Inspire others, motivate them, and make a big impact in what you do! (Highly effective communication is one of the best tools a great leader can have!). NLP is research-based toolsets and strategies from studying the most successful people in the world over the past 50 years.
Speakers: have your audience really hear, see, feel what you are saying, and make sense of your message in a powerful, much more impactful way
Communicators (all of us!): Anyone that uses language! Empowering you to take everything you do to a whole new level at work! Have people really see, hear, understand and feel they get what you are trying to communicate. *Did you know that due to different learning and communication styles, most of us miss 60%-80% of the people we are trying to communicate to, with our message?
Therapists: Therapists and counselors use NLP to help people move past negative life experiences and refocus on future achievements
Personal: People use NLP to achieve better success and happiness in their own lives. Stop letting that negative, doubting voice in your head (and the disempowering things you say about yourself) win! Change your "operating system and old programming. It's faulty if you are not getting the results you want! SHATTER the negative/disempowering programming you have got in the past. Be conscious of your subconscious habits, thoughts and patterns so you can change them!

Attend This Training If You:

●Want to take your skills and abilities to a whole new level●Desire the ultimate tools and strategies in communication, leadership, mentorship/coaching and professional development training!●Want to eliminate imposter syndrome or self doubt●Would like to excel as a leader, coach,/mentor, communicator, or speaker●Are excited to be a top leader, communicator, entrepreneur coach/mentor or speaker●Want to have some of the top tools of the elite, so you can get to the top too●Make a big impact, help others, create change and live fulfilled and on purpose

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