Who Benefits From Learning These Tools?
Entrepreneurs: - Become highly influential, highly persuasive, stand out, and have people really hear you, get what you do, see your value and feel that you're a great fit! Make an impact in the world, grow your business, make more money, and do more of what you love.
Salespeople: Communicate way more effectively so you get the sale (and the referrals) and really stand out! Establish instant rapport and deep trust with people, so they do business with you.
Coaches: (personal, business, relationship or educational coaches) use NLP to help their participants achieve greater and faster results.
Leaders: Become highly influential - you will learn the toolsets, strategies and skillsets of some of the most influential people in the world have. Inspire others, motivate them, and make a big impact in what you do! (Highly effective communication is one of the best tools a great leader can have!). NLP is research-based toolsets and strategies from studying the most successful people in the world over the past 50 years.
Speakers: have your audience really hear, see, feel what you are saying, and make sense of your message in a powerful, much more impactful way
Communicators (all of us!): Anyone that uses language! Empowering you to take everything you do to a whole new level at work! Have people really see, hear, understand and feel they get what you are trying to communicate. *Did you know that due to different learning and communication styles, most of us miss 60%-80% of the people we are trying to communicate to, with our message?
Therapists: Therapists and counselors use NLP to help people move past negative life experiences and refocus on future achievements
Personal: People use NLP to achieve better success and happiness in their own lives. Stop letting that negative, doubting voice in your head (and the disempowering things you say about yourself) win! Change your "operating system and old programming. It's faulty if you are not getting the results you want! SHATTER the negative/disempowering programming you have got in the past. Be conscious of your subconscious habits, thoughts and patterns so you can change them!

Some of The NLP Techniques and Training Strategies Covered:
Looking at everything differently: Looking at life, challenges, relationships, growth, and career from a highly empowered perspective, will positively affect every aspect of your life.
Perception is Projection: How what drives us crazy or angers us about other people/situations is really all about us - and how to shift this within yourself.
NLP Communication Model - how your brain works and how/why information in our communication to one another gets lost, distorted, deleted, generalized, how prejudices or assumptions are created, or why people don't even hear you or see your point - and how to change this. Works well to resolve conflict, anger, jealousy animosity and dramatically helps all relationships improve!
Power communication - Have your message actually reach people, be impactful, and be meaningful - so people "get it." Like we explained above, most of us miss 60%-80% of the people we are trying to communicate to, with our message!
Instant Rapport and Likeability - Build deeper levels of trust, rapport, connection, understanding and credibility so you can really make an impact and people choose you.
Meta Programs - Understanding how someone makes decisions, and why they do things the way they do; learn to support them best with your leadership, coaching, or product or service.
The Power Process - James' own process for releasing anxiety, fears, worries, imposter syndrome, stress and overwhelm - even negative emotions or things that are bothering you!
Perceptual Positions - Used to quickly heal rifts in relationships, friendships and business relationships and to get someone else's perspective. Works well to see the errors in your own ways too, and what you can do differently.
Addiction change/elimination technique - just like it sounds! Whether it's food addictions, work addictions, drugs, alcohol, smoking, drama.
Strategic Decision Making: Make the best decisions, for the best outcomes, quickly, using only logic and reasoning, even for difficult and major decisions. This tool allows you to remove emotion or fear from decisions (which often causes us to make bad decisions).
Boundaries Setting: Creating important boundaries in your life, so
Mapping across - learn how to like something better, such as a certain task you hate or dislike, that you need to frequently do.
Meta Model Questioning - recovering lost or omitted information in someone's communication to you & helping someone get clear on their thoughts and barriers to success.
Response-ability: Learn how to respond to situations in life differently - so you have the ability to get the results you want!Anchoring: You will learn techniques such as anchoring: a method that can be used to control how you are feeling and thus control your emotional response to any situation.
Submodalities - changing your mindset, emotional state, confidence, personal power, and how things affect you (more positively or less negatively) by learning to work with how your brain and unconscious mind work!
Attaining Set goals and Outcomes: Learn 11 principles needed in order to reach your goals, or any personal or career related outcomes.
Become fully aligned with what you want via Parts Integration: if you are torn, conflicted, if part of you wants one thing and part of you feels or wants something else, this is for you. If you're looking to put a stop to the inability to make decisions or are puzzled about something or unsure what to do, this strategy is a must!
Patterns in Language: Learn what’s behind the power of language. Language is very powerful. Through language we can change our thoughts, patterns and even our status in society!Processes: Processes are all about how you get to your end goal by managing your mental state. It involves how you make decisions or are inspired in order to reach that end goal.Relationship Building: When helping or teaching others, it is essential to first establish a strong rapport in order to develop trust and mutual understanding.
Anchoring - mastering your and others' emotional states. Instantly feel great and empowered/confident/powerful/excited/etc., when you want to & teach this to others!
NLP Limiting Belief Change/Elimination Process - exactly like it sounds :) Eliminate any beliefs within yourself (or teams, clients, family, anyone) that are holding you back.
Senses: learn how people can use all their senses to increase their awareness of everything around them
Swish Pattern (submodalities): your mind learns what you like and don’t like. Understanding how it perceives both is key to understanding and breaking all addictions.
The Basics: Start off by learning the relationship between your mind, emotions and behaviour. With this knowledge, you will have a clearer understanding of how people learn information, communicate with others and personally grow.
Learn how to discover people's learning styles and communication styles - so you inspire, lead, influence, enroll and empower them in the most effective way
Reframing - changing the limiting thoughts in your mind, and in other people as well - changing that negative voice in our heads to a positive one instantly
Strategies - changing negative/old patterns, behaviours and habits that no longer work for you
Metaphors - creating major change and shifts in others through special stories, strategies and conversation techniques
Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training (when taken under the NLP Practitioner Certification Training)
When used, Time Line Therapy(R) training techniques can result in long lasting transformation. The training is in-depth and will cover many Time Line Therapy(R) methods such as:-Discover how to lead a more productive life by bringing to surface undesirable beliefs that no longer serve you and getting rid of them to make way for stronger and more positive belief systems-Move past the old failures, negative events and problematic past situations by getting the learnings from the event from a 3rd person perspective-Let go of limiting beliefs-Let go of any negative emotions from the past-Make past situations that once limited you, empower you and drive you forward instead
Study the underlying causes of anxiety and how to learn to relax
Learn better time management skillsCreate realistic and achievable goals (and avoid unattainable ones), then add those goals into your own personal time lineLearning how to create Advanced S-M-A-R-T goals and how to abolish any doubts that you can achieve those goalsGoal creation through representing your goals internally in such a way that they are so exciting they are impossible to resistRecognize how your own time line can affect your future

Hypnotherapy Certification Training (when taken under the NLP Practitioner Certification Training)Hypnotherapy training includes a number of techniques that can help change limiting behaviours.We include Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, a powerful way to include indirect suggestions under an altered state in order to bring about change.  The training overall covers the inner workings of the mind in order to change limitations and take advantage of the many possibilities that have been in front of you, that you have not been able to achieve as you have never before been shown how.
Since our hypnotherapy training meets the standards of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, the certificate is recognized across the globe. Our training is also approved by the, American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® Association and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.
Coach CertificationCoaching Certification (when taken under the NLP Practitioner Certification Training)Coaching is the ultimate add on to the NLP Practitioner Certification training. Coaching is definitely the right fit for you if you:
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