Miami NLP Training

If you are looking to be highly influential or get promoted and recognized, NLP training in Miami is the breakthrough course for you. This is the system that can help you boost your career to a whole new level.
If you’re looking for an incredible personal breakthrough that can help skyrocket any career, the highly interactive course environment here works.
We offer smaller class sizes so there is a better learning environment that includes openness. This training uses all of the major learning styles. We offer a nine week online course that includes life masterminding and coaching.
We are the best Miami NLP training there is, and are here to serve you!

Miami NLP Coaching Certification

Are you looking for effective strategies and skills for communication? NLP coaching in Miami is designed to help attendees be recognized, respected and valued. Anyone who is looking for a promotion or raise should consider this course.

Likewise, this is an excellent avenue for people looking for the dream job they love. If you are wondering if you are smart or capable enough for the occupation you’ve always wanted, sign up today.

James R. Elliot is a master NLP trainer and board designated life coach. This best-selling author is also a board designated trainer for hypnosis.

Miami Life Coaching Certification

James R. Elliot understands how to unleash your power. James is a professional public speaker and motivational coach. He helps individuals who are looking to inspire, empower and motivate employees and teams through life coaching in Miami.

James can speak on important topics like how to be influential so people are drawn to you. Other topics include accountability, and performance. He is an expert at being able to connect people to their purpose, passion and power

Life coaching also helps employees suffering from depression and anxiety.

Studies show that with the right coaching and accountability, people are 76.7 times more likely to get to their goals!


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