Lubcheck's Words

“James has helped me immensely with my confidence and self-esteem. Now I know I can really have what I want in my life - and I can go and get it. His accountability techniques are also very effective, and they really helped push me towards my goals....even if I was a bit resistant to my own goals at times. I have lots more confidence now and so there is no anxiety - because I'm not constantly comparing myself to people or wondering how I measure up to others who I used to envy, or be jealous of, or want their I realize that no one is perfect and we all have great things about us. I'm a great person and have a lot going on for me - I should have known before and been proud of myself and James helped me realize that.”



James is a:

Board Designated Master Life Coach and NLP Trainer
Board Designated Hypnosis Trainer
Board Designated TLT/CYF Master Practitioner
Board Designated Holistic Nutritionist
Certified Exercise and Sports Nutritionist
Motivational and NLP coach
Professional Public Speaker
Former Certified Personal Trainer


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