Create a more significant impact, make more money, and find more purpose in your work.

Discover What's There For You In Leadership Coaching
Lack of growth? Recognition? Accomplishment?
Want to end the self-doubt or silence the inner critic?
Looking for more purpose passion and fulfillment?
Need to break down the barriers to financial & time freedom?

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Get recognized for yourunique abilities.

Move past your barriers, doubts and blocks to success.

Learn to be a great motivator for your teams to succeed.

Become influential, persuasive and powerfully lead your team!

End self-doubt, imposter syndrome and take powerful actions to really win!


Gabriel Says It Was An Incredible Experience And That Everyone Needs This To Take Their Life To A Whole New Level

Matteo Says "It Really Helped With More Effective Communication, Productivity, Fulfillment And Meaning In My Life."

Michelle Says "James' course really helped me, and my customers, get the results that we wanted."

Cristina Says "This Course Was The Best Decision I Ever Made!"

Manny Said This Dramatically Increased His Business, Leadership, And Coach Abilities

Patrick Loved The Course - "It Was A Great Community Environment And James Managed Each Student At The Level They Were At

Carolyn Says It Transformed Her Both Personally And Professionally

Margherita Says It Was The Missing Piece To The Puzzle Of Life And Business And Was a Friendly, Fun, Down-To-Earth Environment.

Marisa says she highly recommends the course and it is "Chock Full Of Amazing!" James is so flexible and can easily flow, adjust and adapt to the students' needs.

Kerri Says James Helped Her Communicate More, Take Action, And Understand What Was Holding Her Back

Matt says the course completely changed his life and work!

Evelyn Says: "I Discovered And Broke Through The Barriers Holding Me Back With Wealth"

Carmelina Says It Was A Phenomenal Experience And She Let Go Of The Past

Donald Said It Helped Him Focus, Take Control, Take Action and Win In His Life!

Laura Says She Got A Massive Promotion At Work Because Of The Course!

Jennifer Says She Broke Through Her Barriers, It Changed Her Life, Her Business And Her Relationships!

Jonathan Says It Really Helped With Awareness Of His Blocks, Depression, Anxiety And Increased His Confidence!

Chester Says This Course Changed My Life And How It Empowered Him Help Others!

Nina Says This Was A Turning Point In Her Life! She Moved Past The Things That Were Holding Her Back In Her Job, Her Relationships And Personally!

Brett Says The Course Will Help You Push Your Life To The Limits, Move Past Your Roadblocks And Go All The Way!

Milad says that things changed for him in a very short period of time!

Shawn says, " I got
so much out of it for me personally and broke through analyzing things so

Katiana says, " James really went beyond my
expectations and
transformed my life"!

Quynh talks about how much she loves the care James has for his students!

Shurla says, " I learned a lot during the course and got a toolbox full of tools and
techniques that I can use in my coaching

Steven Chavez Says "The course kept participants engaged and energized, making it a unique and enjoyable experience."

Ron Smith Says " James's Unique Teaching Style, Patience, And Willingness To Provide Extra Help Make Him a Special And Worthwhile Instructor Also He Encourages Others To Consider Taking James's Courses And Offers To Answer Any Questions.

What Makes James Different

● I’m a best-selling author and professional speaker as well! ● I love to learn and continuously strive to learn.● Smaller, highly interactive groups, with a lot of 1-1 feedback and mentoring and supervision from me.● The network you will develop, friends for life, colleagues to mentor/coach you as well.● Learn Body language reading, and how to exude powerful and confident body language● Specializing in cultivating your resourcefulness and resilience, I'm dedicated to your success with unwavering accountability and essential tools.

What Else Makes James Different

● Time Line Therapy, coupled with my exclusive Power Process, addresses anxiety, fear, self-doubt, worries, limiting beliefs, 'negative' behaviors, and concern about others' opinions.● Monthly FREE sessions: Group meet-ups 1x-2x a month for Q&A, practice, learning, and feedback on challenges.● I wholeheartedly aim to create a significant influence in your life, relationships, and work. Graduates are eligible for the year-long weekly mastermind and support group.


A few credentials: ABNLP, ABH, TLTA, BAS, ABNLP-C, CAPS, GSFA Best-Selling international author and a professional speaker!

Meet Your Mentor - James R. Elliot

For over 20 years, James Elliot has been an accomplished and sough-out mentor, and leadership coach. His leadership coaching is 2nd to none.

Combined with his passion to help others, overcoming his past challenges, personal growth and his experience, he is well-positioned to help you become a highly effective, unstoppable coach and leader.

James teaches these amazing tools and strategies, because they've created massive results and transformations in him and the people he teaches.

Learn from an Internationally-Recognized Leadership Coach, Trainer And Bestselling Author.



How can you lead powerfully, if you can't confidently and effectively communicate your vision?

Featured BLOG Posts And Videos

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The Breakdown:● Get the 1-on-1 coaching and accountability to make sure you win.● Learn the tools and strategies of elite performers.● Discover your barriers and blocks to becoming a better leader.● Join our monthly community of folks who are on the same mission!

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● James will work directly with you to spot and identify barriers and limiting beliefs.
● We have an environment where you can discuss anything in total
● Leadership and communication training also available, to take you even further!

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Step 1 - Let's schedule a call to make sure we're a fit for each other.
Step 2 - Once qualified, we shall customize options and develop a plan catered to you.
Step 3 - After enrollment, start your leadership coaching journey.
Step 4 - Get some major learnings, shifts, AHA's and even tools to create an unstoppable version of you!
Step 5 - Take these into your work, relationships and life
Step 6 - Stay in our community and monthly mastermind meetings, for ongoing support, Q&A, advice, new tips, tools and best practices. There are even bonus special guest trainings and expert content to add to all your shifts, growth and learning!

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Listen at a whole new level! Communicate highly effectively so you are valued and recognized for your abilities! Read body language and gain a lot more information from your conversations!

Speak out powerfully and confidently, contribute so others see and recognize your value, and become highly likeable.

How can our leadership coaching make you an unstoppable leader?

For you:
• Become a highly confident leader yourself and manage your own
emotional and mental state for optimum performance
• Discover what is holding you back from being at your best
• Eliminate self-doubt, imposter syndrome, procrastination and destructive habits
• Understand the things you need to work on to excel.
• Confidentially discuss anything you want with your mentor

• Learn about elevating your communication to be highly effective.
• Have those around you believe and support your vision and mission.
• Understanding the subtle dynamics of verbal and non-verbal communication.
• Learn how to actually listen effectively to maximize results and minimize limitations.
• Getting clarity while working with others to avoid mistakes.

• Successfully model the behaviors of other successful people
• Understanding how individuals and teams think for effective results and collaboration.
• Know how to discover and work with people’s beliefs which limit or misguide them.
• Learn some of the keys to being highly likeable!

If you want to reach higher levels of recognition, satisfaction, leadership, promotions and income, this is for you!

We are very passionate about teaching you all about highly effective leadership strategies, systems and techniques!

"Hey Everyone! It's a pleasure to meet you - I'm James! I will be your coach and mentor through the whole process. Very excited to get to know you and your goals and get you the results you've been looking for.


James has been mentoring, leading, teaching and working with clients for over 20 years.
Certified in communications, personal transformation tools, NLP and leadership.
Trained in human performance strategies and skillsets.
Is a product of his own teachings and practices.
Is a podcaster and has his own show on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Internationally recognized and training high profile individuals globally.

Call Us Now: 905-717-9481 Or Schedule A Call With The Link Down Below To See Just How Far You Can Go!

CONTACT US Phone: 905-717-9481
James is a:
• Board Designated Master Coach and NLP Trainer
• International Best-Selling Author
• Professional Public Speaker
• Board Designated Hypnosis Trainer
• Board Designated TLT/CYF Master Practitioner

Looking To Transform Your Leadership?


Does this sound like you?

Do you want more growth and recognition?

● Get recognized and rewarded for your unique value through our leadership coaching
● Get everyone to see your unique value and talents!
● Be recognized for your work, all your contribution, and team management. Just imagine the difference.
● Discover how to be successful by helping your team be successful!

Is your team unengaged?

With our leadership Coaching, we prepare you with all the tools to deal with handling employee conflicts, distractions, animosity, and churn.
● Learn how to listen better and communicate better, to support your organization and lead your team to win.
● Be able to confidently stand out, be seen and heard, speak up and contribute at work.
●  Feel certain in your leadership. A (genuinely) confident leader is an effective leader.

Get the support and community you need to succeed.

Would it make a big difference if you were more:Persuasive? Influential? Spoke out and contributed more at work?
● Get coached through personal problems, self-doubt, worries, fears, and limiting beliefs.
● Get past the behaviors or habits that are not working for you.
● Feel like someone has your back when it comes to your actions or decision-making with our leadership coaching.

Quickly move forward in your company.

● Become highly influential & get the trust that you need from your team for them to perform.
● Empower your team to be successful. ● Within our leadership coaching, experience the fast growth and development that you have really been looking for!
● Did you know that Professional problems are actually personal problems in disguise?

Get More Information On Our Small Class Size Courses. *Limited spots available.

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  • 20 Years Of Experience

    I developed a proven system that unleashes your true potential through actionable training and strategies that you can use for yourself and those you work with.

  • Kick-Ass Support

    We provide a multi-faceted support system so you get the resources you need to help those around you. 

  • Take The Work You Do To A Whole New Level

    Make big changes to the way you communicate, sell or lead & get more results.

    Get past the glass ceiling, and be recognized for your worth!

    KEY Benefit - Kick imposter syndrome, worry or anxiety to the curb too!!

  • The Power Of Coaching & Leading

    Discover how to change your life & work, communication, influence and leadership.

    Bring you and those around you to that next level!

    It's the KEY to Success AND Fulfillment!