Master AND Get Certified In NLP; Create Massive Breakthroughs For Your Clients AND Make More Money Doing What You Love


About The Certification Course - Unstoppable NLP! Learn The Tools AND a Step-By-Step Client Coaching System

Why I'm so passionate about teaching you NLP!

Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world!

Plus, you don't actually need that many clients to have a high-income business!

-Learn to become a highly effective coach and mentor-Get amazing (and fast) results for your clients-Our courses are internationally accredited and recognized - and so are your certifications when you graduate-Eliminate the top fears and anxieties coaches have-Learn the business side of coaching for success and income

- James has 17+ years experience & a Google 5 Star Rating- Learn best with our highly interactive small class sizes - Re-attend/ assist at the course within 2 years at no cost!- Included mastermind pre-study group sessions & pre- study audio trainings ensure your maximum success - Courses are available in-person or live online live Zoom Video

The last few years have forced people to wonder what their work, purpose or mission are about, what their relationships are about and what their lives are about.
When people are thinking this way, they are much more likely to get a coach. 


Evelyn Says, "I Discovered And Broke Through The Barriers Holding Me Back With Wealth"

Gabriel Says "It Was An Incredible Experience And That Everyone Needs This To Take Their Life To A Whole New Level"

Margherita Says, "It Was The Missing Piece To The Puzzle Of Life And Business And Was a Friendly, Fun, Down-To-Earth Environment!"

Marisa says she, "highly recommends the course and it is "Chock Full Of Amazing!" James is so flexible and can easily flow, adjust and adapt to the students' needs."

Kerri Says , "James Helped Me Communicate More, Take Action, And Understand What Was Holding Me Back."

Carmelina Says, "It Was A Phenomenal Experience And She Let Go Of The Past Things Holding Her Back - And Learned Boundaries!"

Donald Says, "It Helped Me Focus, Take Control, Take Action and Win In My Life - To Serve Others Better!"

Laura Says, "I Got A Massive Promotion At Work Because Of The Course! Plus, I transformed myself, my patterns and behaviours too."

Jennifer Says, "I Broke Through My Barriers, It Changed My Life, My Business And My Relationships!"

Jonathan Says It Really Helped With Elimination Of His Blocks, Panic Attacks, Depression, Anxiety And Increased His Confidence!

Chester Says, "This Course Changed My Life And Empowered Me To Quit Smoking, Listen Better, And Help Others!

Nina Says, "This Was A Turning Point In My Life! I Moved Past The Things That Were Holding Me Back In My Job, Relationships And Me Personally!"

Brett Says, "The Course Helped Me Push My Life To The Limits, Move Past My Roadblocks And Go All The Way In!


Make just about every area of your work and life better, easier and achieve your goals much faster!Are you looking to...

    Become a coach and great leader & expand your toolset for greater results and income?
    Break through what has been holding you back all this time, and unleash your full potential?
    Help people, live fulfilled, improve your life (and peoples lives), to leave the world a better place than you found it?
    Make great money doing what you love and making an impact?
    Increase your intuition and learn how to hone and follow it?

Plus, master the mind-body connection, experience some major personal breakthroughs, and have the tools to create a successful business!

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The NLP Coach Certification training will help you become an incredible coach and mentor

Create An Amazing Business For Yourself:Discover what has been holding you and your potential clients back• Make great money doing what you love, living fulfilled and free!Work wherever you want, whenever you want, making yourself rich and fulfilled

Heal Yourself While Helping Others & Unleash Your Maximum PotentialStatistics show that NLP coaches make dramatically more money than others!Discover motivational tools that will help you quickly progress toward your goalsLearn powerful communication skills and strategies to create highly effective communication (and results!) with others
Master The Most Effective & Transformative Tools: Results -Based CoachingLearn tools to create massive shifts in people, quicklyLearn how marketing, advertising and language is manipulating youAnd so much more!
BONUS business, sales & client enrollment training is included in the course at no additional cost!

The NLP practitioner certification training is definitely the solution for people looking to take your career, business, or life to a whole new level. This course will teach you tools that can empower you to help others reach their full potential – and to empower YOU to reach your full potential! This course is also for you, if you desire to help others searching for a better future. This course takes your life, your business, and you to a whole new level and will get you to where you want to go much faster. You can even guarantee your results in writing at the mastery level!

Once you have completed The Unstoppable NLP practitioner certification training you will be eligible for four board designations and certifications. Your certifications will include: NLP Coach; NLP Practitioner; Time Line Therapy/Creating Your Future Practitioner; and Hypnotherapist.

***There is even a bonus tool that James has developed, which is only available through his training institute, called "The Power Process"TM which helps you let go of fears of failure, lack or loneliness, even when you are on your own!

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My Own Transformational Life Journey

My journey, struggles over the years and personal transformation have taught me so much, and it’s what led me down the path to empowering others to transform their lives too!

Unleash Your Power - Stand Out, Take Action, And Create The Success You Want!

Now An International Best-Selling Book!


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Want To Be A Great Coach, Mentor Or Even Speaker?

Learning NLP techniques will improve your ability to influence, persuade, assist, lead, empower and inspire others.
You will come out of the training actually ready to start using the tools and strategies right away – start coaching right away; something missing from many courses that take a long time to complete.
Have the ongoing support with our community, masterminds, student partnerships and "peer pair groups" for long-term success!

"Parts Integration" Tool Demo

Perception Is Projection:


James R. Elliot also includes important business, marketing and sales training in this training program. In the course, you will discover how to integrate new NLP tools and techniques into your business - while creating quantum leaps in sales, and client retention, income, growth and overall success.Many students get clients in as soon as a month after graduating!


Full NLP Coach graduates qualify for 5 certifications and professional designations, recognized in 36+ countries.

    NLP Coach Practitioner (Life & Executive Coaching)
    NLP Practitioner
    Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner
    Hypnosis Practitioner
    Power ProcessTM for anxiety, stress, self-doubt & fear release
    Plus, learn powerful leadership strategies
    Plus, learn powerful communication, trust and rapport tools

Click for detailed course content and information hereThe NLP certifications will improve your ability to create positive-lasting change, inspire, communicate, and motivate.

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Maximum success with pre-study courses and group mastermind sessions

The NLP practitioner training – home study will help you prepare for the program. You can listen to the audios and other multimedia at your convenience, before you start the course to complete the board-approved training. At this time you will feel, hear, see, and experience the natural transformation when limiting program are replaced with leadership programs with greater authenticity like this one where you will develop skills of Time Line Therapy®, coaching, hypnosis, and NLP.

Why Choose NLP Practitioner Training Through Unleash Your Power?

This training is being facilitated personally by Trainer James R. Elliot, a Board Designated Trainer of NLP. He is one of a small but elite group of trainers that include the likes of Tony Robbins, Kim Redman, and Drs. Tad and Adriana James. This NLP Fastrak® Training Program is designed with busy people in mind. Through advanced study practices, various multimedia & group pre-study, post study, masterminding sessions and ongoing education, this training is completed with an 8-day on-site intensive practicum. To support each candidate in a fun and fast-paced environment, the training has a high ratio of trainers to students. As a result, you will receive immediate feedback and the attention needed to reinforce your SUCCESS! Seats are very limited, and go fast. However, signing up early can definitely ensure that your spot is saved exclusively for YOU - and ensure you get the most out of the course.


Global Recognition!

Your certification is recognized and transferable worldwide. As a result, 36 countries recognize your certifications and designations! This NLP training features the board-approved evaluation that tests demonstrated skills and written NLP skills. It also installs the ability to be successful both as an executive and life NLP coach practitioner and NLP coach. After successful completion of the program you also have the opportunity to achieve recognition as a board certified practitioner coach in each modality learned. The team will facilitate entrance into all professional boards for the qualified graduates of the program.


    Anyone that wants to be an incredible coach and learn tools of the most successful coaches, leaders, and influencers in the world
    Any speakers wanting to make a greater impact and have people actually "hear" you
    If you want to take your coaching practice to a whole new level
    Anyone who communicates and wants to make an impact for a living
    People who are committed to personal development and personal growth
    Anyone wanting to transition or grow in the empowerment or leadership field
    If you feel unseen and unheard and want other people to really see your value and worth
    Aspiring coaches who want to become a highly effective coach

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James is a:

    Board Designated Master Life Coach and NLP Trainer
    Board Designated Hypnosis Trainer
    Board Designated TLT/CYF Master Practitioner
    Board Designated Holistic Nutritionist
    Certified Exercise and Sports Nutritionist
    Motivational and NLP coach
    Professional Public Speaker
    Former Certified Personal Trainer

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