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Success is not just for everyone else, it's for you too! Schedule a call and learn how to make today the first day of the rest of your life.

Why Choose Us

"Hey Everyone! Happy to meet you - I'm James and I've been training for almost 20 years now. I will be your mentor throughout the whole process.
Very excited to get to know you and your goals and get you the results you've been looking for.
These are the best coaching tools available in modern-day."

New Work Life

We have developed a proven system that helps you reach that work-life balance you crave while making sure you're feeling amazing doing the work you love. 

Kick-Ass Support

Multi-faceted training and support system with various touchpoints to ensure your success.

Grow your business

On average our coaches who get certified with us grow their business profits by 54.2% in the first year. 

Getting Certified

Discover the power of becoming a coach and how it can transform your life in both your career and financials!


What our clients have to say

Want to work with us?

Schedule a call  We want to get to know you and make sure we are a fit for each other!

The Break Down

Our certification will guide you through a proven process to develop your career, business, life and income.

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What to expect

Once registered you will have immediate access to our online resources along with the blueprint to your success.
With our advanced pre-study materials you will get ahead of the game with understanding what it takes to coach effectively and how to acquire new clients.
Learn powerful skills and strategies to create highly effective client results through communication, influence, persuasion, trust, and credibility.
Our highly interactive classes that provide lots of time for practice, feedback, discussion, and case studies so that you can start coaching immediately after graduation.
With these tools, you will have people say "Yes!" more often. Now, all that's missing is for you to schedule that first call and get started. :)

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Next Steps...

Step 1 - First things first; You're going to want to schedule a call to make sure we're a fit for each other
Step 2 - Once qualified, we shall customize options catered to you
Step 3 - After enrollment, have your 1 on 1 strategy call
Step 4 - Join the pre-study mastermind group calls, and start learning from our comprehensive pre-study materials
Step 5 - Attend the course, get the learnings and breakthroughs, and come out of the course a whole new version of yourself!
Step 6 - Book your included "jumpstart" call with James so you can quickly launch/revamp your coaching business.
Step 7 - Stay in the community and attend our webinars, mastermind group, and guest expert training sessions

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    "James is the real deal - and you will learn so much from him!"

    -Matteo Bavaro, CEO at Reed Research

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Are We A Fit For Each Other? 

The last few years have forced people to wonder what their work, purpose, relationships, and lives are about.
"The average yearly growth rate for the coaching industry is 6.7%, almost at $20 billion per year."
- US Coaching Federation

If we are not a good fit, we'll be the first to walk away. We take enormous pride in what we do, so we are not going to give you a course that you're not going to benefit from.
We have helped people all around the world with these tools and have seen phenomenal results, some increasing their income by an average of 54.2% in less than a year!

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    "James has really helped me gain tools to build rapport, trust, communicate more effectively in my business and life, and my ability to mentor students and athletes."

    -Manny Sahota, Founder Zor Sports Academy