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Life Coach Training And Coaching Certification, Executive Coaching in Boston

Boston NLP Training

James R. Elliot can help anyone unleash their inner potential with NLP training in Boston. If you are looking to have other people see your worth and value, read on.
This training can help you make great money and do what you love at the same time. This is the path that will help you become both assertive and confident. You’ll be able to take action and speak up and finally let go of the things in your past that bother you.

James R. Elliot is a speaker and NLP trainer as well as a best-selling author. Read about the struggles that he’s had over the years on his website.

Boston NLP Coaching Certification

NLP coaching in Boston helps you to model the kind of excellence that can help you succeed. It is a powerful method combining personal transformation through coaching. Neuro linguistic programming is the study of how someone develops their desires and goals.
It is a tool that quickly gets to the root of what keeps someone anxious and unmotivated. It works by deciphering how the unconscious mind communicates with the outside world. This powerful technique can be used by people in many different roles.

NLP focuses on achieving positive results and communication for people in different business areas like marketing and sales.

Boston Life Coaching Certification

These techniques and tools empower people who need them. James R. Elliot has had a transformational journey that included getting over trouble in his chosen career, confidence speaking up and being heard, respected, valued and having boundaries. The life coaching in Boston techniques he teaches help people who feel anxious and second-guess themselves.
If you’re ready to feel confident and empowered in all areas of your life, these life coaching techniques are for you. These methods can help you be successful romantically, achieve better health and career success.

Boston Executive Coaching

James has a passion for high powered success coaching that helps executives who are overwhelmed and stressed. The executive coaching in Boston techniques he offers help those business leaders who worry about imposter syndrome, their own self-worth and employee performance.If you are disappointed by the results you’re getting from your team, these coaching seminars can help.
The executive coaching sessions in Boston are available by phone or online through Zoom, Skype and Webcam. Sessions are all one-on-one and all are 100% confidential. Optional community support & networking evenings available as well. James is a board designated master life coach and NLP trainer. Get in touch to unleash your power with him today.

Boston Leadership Training And Certification

One of James' favorite individuals to work with are business leaders and business owners. His leadership training comes from years of experience in a variety of corporate environments, leading people in his own business, teaching clients and the years of ongoing training he has under his below.
Courses are available with or without certifications, and in small or large groups, private events in your organization, or more public group trainings that he has throughout the year. Leadership training is available in person or virtually as well.
His passion, drive and desire to teach are contagious, and his leadership trainings are highly interactive, interesting, and memorable.

Boston Leadership Coaching

James' passion to help leaders win, with his leadership coaching and executive coaching programs is easy to see. He works with leaders, so they can experience higher levels of fulfillment, impact, success and recognition in their work and on their teams as well.
Why choose James for your executive coaching or leadership coaching? If you want to learn the tools, strategies, mindset of the most successful and influential people in the world, you've come to the right place. James' experience working in multi-national companies such as IBM, Novell and Lenovo, as well as his extensive training, working with a variety of clients and life experience gives him the resources to help you succeed.
How far do you want to go? When do you want to get there? Create a more fulfilling, and successful, team and workplace for everyone.

Studies show that with the right coaching and accountability, people are 76.7 times more likely to get to their goals!


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